Student Testimonials

“Thank you again for the opportunity and for all your help and support. I hope sharing my journey to students in our group was useful.” Mario Moscovici, medical student, University of Toronto, Mississauga

 “I would like to thank you for providing the interview support for me, it was very helpful and I would like to let you know that it has worked out for me and I will be going to Ottawa University next year! I am currently looking for summer employment opportunities and please let me know if there are opportunities available”.  Fan Yang, medical student, Ottawa

 “Hi Rosalind and Lori, It was my pleasure! You two have been so good to me these past few of years, I was happy to return the favour! I hope it was helpful to the pre-meds. I hope you have an amazing rest of your summer, and I’m sure I’ll be in contact in the fall!” Nardeen Kodous, med student, University of Western Ontario

 “Happy new year 2013 to the both of you! I just got off the phone with AUA, and they have just informed me that I have been accepted! I leave for Antigua Thursday 🙂 Thank you so much for all of your help and effort, I am so very grateful!! I can’t wait to start my new life!” Mima Markicevic, American University of Antigua

I want to let you know that I got accepted into the accelerated review program at UMHS so I’ll be heading to St. Kitts on August 26th. Thank you for all of your help and writing my recommendation letter. I’m willing to be part of the team so if anything I can help and I’ll be happy to contribute to it. Thank you again! Best Regards, Nirshanthika Raviendren, St Kitts U

“Dear Dr Silverman, I have finally got the student loan from RBC. The loan got approved bit late for the September semester hence I’m starting in January to Saba University School of Medicine. Thanks a lot for your support and co sideration. So I have four months ahead of me and if you need my help with anything at all just let me know. I will be happy to support our group. If you also want me to talk about applying for Caribbean medical schools at a seminar or something I will be happy to do so. Trincy Jeysingh, Saba University

 “Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to speak at another one of your great events. Please provide your event attendees with my email in case they have questions about anything med-related and please let me know if you ever need me again. Your continued support and guidance mean a lot to me and I look forward to further contributing to your events as a med student and surgeon one day. Best regards” Morrison Steel, University of Toronto, St George

 “Hi Dr. Silverman, It has been a while since we last met and you checked my personal statement for SABA. It has taken a bit of time but I have one of my final drafts completed and would appreciated if you could check it over and give me your thoughts on it, such as what needs to be improved or included.” Zeba Khavarian, Saba U

 “I have won the Equals6 Top Talent Scholarship, for which I requested you to write me a letter in December. I am emailing you to say thank you for all your help. Regards”, Usman Saeed, University of Toronto Scarborough

 “I was in attendance at yesterdays’ medical seminar and  I would be honoured to join Models of Human Diseases and receive guidance from you with regards to medical school, and as such was hoping I could please have an application form to join the club? thank you so much and the seminar was fantastic, I always walk away from each seminar with a wealth of knowledge and appreciate your efforts in conducting them. I look forward to hearing from you, many thanks and take care,” Anwar Hooda

Hello Dr. Silverman, I attended today’s workshop on research experience and medical application. I would like to thank you for taking the time to deliver an immensely beneficial workshop. Through this workshop, I was informed of many scholarships and ways to gain research experience. Thank you again, Sincerely”, Afraa Tarafdar

“Hello Professor Silverman, I just wanted to thank-you for having the amazing medical school seminar with the speaker panels. I have attended 2 of them and wish to attend many more in the future! Thank-you again,” Vaibhavi Sonu SolankiCanada’s Top20Under20 UFT Student 

 “Hi Dr.Lorelei Silverman, i went to your workshop no 13 on shadowing doctors and i found it really helpful. i wish i had discovered you a few year ago. I am currently going my 4th and in the process of starting my application for medical. I heard what was said in the course and i wanted to know what my chances are to getting to medical school or at least some objection advice and thought from someone else.” Anita Amp

“I came to know about your program through Hasan Bilal who is currently a Database Manager at MDH.  I was reading through your webpage and became fascinated by the scope and demand of your program.  I was wondering if I would be able to apply for a position as a research assistant at MDH and when the deadline for such an application would be”.  Harrish Nithianandan, second year undergraduate at the University of Toronto, Human Biology  

 “I attended the “medical and dental school workshop on clinical and physician shadowing experience” on July 16th and it was extremely resourceful – I gained great insight into the preparations required for medical school. Thank you so much for organizing this event. The last session was incredibly helpful “:) Ashna Khanna

 “I have attended most of your workshops in the past year and would like to extend my gratitude for organizing such informative sessions. While at these sessions, I have better understood the demands from a Physician, and what it requires to be a medical student. I also was greatly impressed by the students who have worked in your lab/with you.” Shailin Gosalia, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto

 “I am writing in today to request for more information on possible openings to work with you. I am very interested to expand my horizons, and am looking for relevant research experiences. I look forward to your guidance. Thank you for your time.” Joanna Ju.

 “Dear Dr. Silverman, Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into the medical workshops. They really are a success each and every time, and I cannot begin to tell you how valuable they are! I drive every month from Guelph to attend them!  I do hope you continue doing such a service for us students! Best regards”, Marina Atalla, Guelph University

“My name is Alisha Babar, an international student, currently in my second year of undergrad, studying life science. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your tremendous efforts that you put in your Med School Workshops providing a road map especially for international students like us who (know) where they want to go in life but rarely have someone or anyone to tell them (how). I would like to thank you for being that guide not only for students like us but for students from all walks of life, for providing us with a road map towards our prospective carrier goals. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the chance to attend not one but several of your workshops teaching me something new every time about how to plan ,prepare and achieve the goal set forth. Hats off to you and your sister’s ceaseless efforts to build and improve us”. Alisha Babar

 “Dear Drs. Lorelei and Rosalind Silverman, Thank you very much for hosting the medical school admission seminar yesterday. It has helped me learn more about unclear areas of the application process, as well as discover interesting extracurricular opportunities. I am very interested in being a part of the Models of Human Diseases. I would like to help organize events and research on a model of a human disease as I find research a very interesting and exciting path that I want to embark on in my life as a physician.  I found it very kind of you to host the seminar yesterday and use some of your time to guide me afterwards; I deeply appreciate it and I am eager to help MHD as much as I can, in return. Thank you very much for your advice and time. Sincerely yours”, A.N, University of Toronto

 “After attending the Medical School Application Workshop in July, I became inspired and motivated by the enthusiastic and helpful leaders. I hope, in volunteering, to work more closely with Drs. Lorelei and Rosalind Silverman, and help raise awareness to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and aid the discovery of new and alternative treatments. I also hope that in furthering the cause of Models of Disease, I learn how to independently further my own capabilities and proficiency as a future medical professional”Mohammad Mehandria, University of Toronto

 “I attended the medical school/dental school workshop yesterday evening, and it was very beneficiary and resourceful. Thank you very much for your great help and guidance. Upon hearing about Models of Human Diseases, I did more research and I am intrigued by the types of initiatives this organization is involved with. The work is very noble, and I would certainly be interested in dedicating my time and efforts to this organization and help endorse or further it’s accomplishments.  I am especially interested in becoming a committee member. Thank you very much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon,” UTSC student

 “Hello Ms. Silverman, I came to the last Medical School Application Workshop in July and found it enormously helpful and wanted to thank you for organizing such a fantastic and informative event!”Julia Chen, University of Toronto, Missisauga

 “Hi Dr. Silverman, I wanted to thank you for a very informative, educational workshop. As an interested pre-med going into my first year of university at YorkU, I found the presentations to be beneficial. I really appreciate the help. Thank you,” Anisha

 “Dear Dr. Silverman, I would like to congratulate you for the successful seminar organized last Wednesday. It was a very informative experience for me which initiated my process of thought towards my medical school application. Following several conversations with Robin (who initiated my interest in your group) I believe your group will be very helpful in my career in the public health discipline.”

 “Dear Dr. Silverman(s),It was a pleasure to meet the two of you yesterday at MHD workshop #9 and I would like to thank you for organizing such an excellent event. Not only for making it so informative but also for providing personal advice based on your experiences to us Canadian pre-meds.” Zubeir Khan,  3rd UofT St. George, LMP and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

 “I am currently finishing my undergraduate from University of Toronto, Scarborough in Neuroscience and Biology and I am will be graduating in November, 2012. I am looking forward to gaining variety of  experience in organizing seminars, providing information and learn about new advancements and technology within medical field. I believe associating with a prestigious group like Models of Human Disease would be a great learning experience. Sincerely,” Vineet Avhad, University of Toronto

 “I was fortunate enough to attend yesterday’s work shop on getting in to medical school. As an undergraduate planning to apply to medical school, I thought your session was very informative and comprised of many important ideas that are really helpful in preparing oneself to become a future physician. Your motivation in providing guidance and support for future health care professionals is a valuable one that can illuminate lives of many students and the future of our health care system. I also thought that from the real-life examples of students you showed to us, it was evident that the MHD team has been able to make a huge impact on student lives by making them more experienced, educated and confident about entering a health-care profession. I make this an opportunity to thank Dr. Rosalind Silverman and Dr. Lorelei Silverman for taking initiative to create this group and to provide students like me with the opportunity to be informed about medical school. ”Buddhi Hatharaliyadda, U of Toronto

 “First of all it was so wonderful to meet both you and your sister yesterday. It was so helpful and really eye opening. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. ”Yael Spiegel, York University

 “I am planning to apply medical school in this fall for both US and Canadian medical schools. I attended the workshop last week on how to write a great personal statement and think it is very help in many aspects.” Lara Fu, 4th year, U of Toronto, biomedical engineering

 “Thank you so much for the various opportunities you have given me in the past year. Currently, I am looking to apply to medical school for the upcoming application cycle and I was wondering if I can please obtain a reference letter from you”. Sincerely, Mary Yang, U of T Scarborough

                          International medical graduate testimonials

“I had the privilege of attending your workshop on How to write best personal statement. As an IMG who has recently come to Canada, this was an eye opener. I have taken the MCCEE (Medical Council of Canada Equivalency exam) and am awaiting the results. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how helpful and necessary your workshops are for International Medical Doctors (IMD) who need to have insight into the process for selection into residency programs in Canada. Your workshops have been extremely beneficial in understanding the requirements. I would appreciate an opportunity to work with your organization and use my experience in Hematology oncology. I look forward to attending your workshops. Sincerely,” Vinita Sundaram

 “Dear Dr Silverman: I was privileged to attend the recent workshop on writing the personal statement for medical and dental students at U of T. As a recent immigrant to Canada and an  IMG,I found the advice invaluable. I obtained my Master in Clinical Tropical Medicine at Mahidol, University, Bangkok, Thailand. I would be very much interested in volunteering with models of human disease, and would like to discuss this possibility whenever convenient to you. Thanking you Sincerely”, Chrysanthus Henry

“Dear Dr. Silverman, My name is Maria Moreno I am a 3rd year student at the U of Toronto and I wanted to thank you for running the scholarship workshop as I found it very helpful. I also enjoyed learning more about Joana’s experience with applying to medical school as it was very inspirational. I am very interested in volunteering in any way I can with your group. Thank you very much for your time.”

“Dear Professor Silverman, Many thanks for your accurate and insightful comments about CASPer, MMI’s and myself. Your direct and honest advice and comments are invaluable and much appreciated. I now hope I can put this to best use in the test. These will no doubt help me in my upcoming test. Your comments are helpful in clarifying some basic understandings about the test, which I hope will contribute in a better performance. I will be attending the workshops as I’ve found them useful and will be more involved in the future. Please keep up the good work. Best wishes,” Hissan Butt-premed student
“Dear Rosalind, Thank you so much for your comments – very, very helpful! Best regards”, Anastasia, York University
“Hello Dr. Silverman, Thank you very much for the feedback… I really appreciate your feedback and edit”. Best, Nadine Narain, U of T
“Dear Dr. Lorelei and Rosalind Silverman: I appreciate your support throughout this process. Thank you for allowing me to help out with Models of Human Diseases. Thanks to your encouragement, I am happy to say I have been accepted to Saba University School of Medicine. I wanted to give you the news as soon as I found out! I am so happy right not, and I have largely you to thank for it. Thank you for the reference letter and also the confidence you instilled in me.  Please let me know if you need help with MHD, I will be glad to continue. Sincerely,” Zeba Khavarian-Saba University
“My name is Karen Bai and I thought the workshop was extremely helpful. I have never seen the medical school interviews been analysed to such fine detail!”
“Thank you for the highly informative and engaging workshops and your helpful advice in regards to my medical school application.” Regards, Norah
“Thank you so much for this session on interviews. Being in my third year at U of T and aiming to apply for medical schools next year I believe this session was an excellent start for developing my skills for the interview. I hope to further work on them throughout the year. It was an inspirational session and I hope to become a part of this amazing group. Thanking you,” Zarah Khan, U of T

Dear Dr. Rosalind and Lorelei Silverman, Thank you for all your support and guidance! You both are truly inspiring women! The Models of Human Diseases group is perfect for any student in sciences! I am very thankful to have met you both and have you as my mentors. Thank you,

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