Pre-law advising

Law school advising
Law school application is one of the most competitive among professional applications with less than 10% of successful applicants each year. High GPA, LSAT scores, outstanding CV, and stellar reference letters are needed to succeed. We offer complete consultations and guidance for all your law school application components. In addition, we organize workshops on law school application.
We have partnerships with consultants from USA and with Australian law schools and thus your application will be customized to increase your chances of practicing in Ontario if you apply to those schools.
Our package includes:
  • personal statement letter editing/review
  • autobiographical sketch editing/review
  • review of your extracurricular activities and accomplishments and recommendations to improve your CV
  • recommendations to obtain glowing letters of reference
  • strategies to increase the competitiveness of your application
  • comprehensive application planning and preparation
  • creation of best suited school list for your application
  • advise on best time to write the LSAT and referral to the best LSAT course with preferred rate discount for our clients
  • law school mock interview (for overseas schools)
  • overseas school and joint degree referral
Tips for a successful law school application
  • ​pursue a challenging and rewarding undergraduate program
  • enhance your critical thinking, logical reasoning, effective communication, and writing skills through  various  extracurricular activities, ethical and moral judgement
  • take part in activities that cultivate awareness on social issues, global justice, develop leadership and team  collaborative skills
  • shadow a lawyer and get to know this profession as well as possible areas of law you are interested in practicing in the future
  • engage in volunteer and research activities that will strengthen your motivation to study law and at the same time your application
  • create your personal statement and your autobiographical sketch as two complementary parts of your application; make them unique and a true reflection of your personality and abilities, accomplishments, and goals
Reapplication advising
The competition for law school is getting tougher each year. Only a small fraction of applicants are successful after their first try. With our comprehensive, early on strategy we take pride in being the academic consulting company with most successful first time applicants.
We offer a detailed analysis of what went wrong and plan for future steps to increase chances of success next time around including:
  • detailed personalized reapplication plan
  • rewriting of your personal statement and essays
  • postbac and grad school advising
  • gap year planning
  • assessment of LSAT and advising how to improve and when to retake
  • assessment of your GPA, CV, activities, and application
  • analysis of your reference letter strength
  • assessment of your interview performance
  • creating of realistic school list
  • back-up options

“I am really appreciative of your guidance on my personal statement and application and would be very very grateful if you could help me out with the reference. I have attached the sample reference sheet, my personal statement for Western, as well as a personal sketch for your review. Thank you so much for your consideration and I am sincerely grateful! Hope you have a great weekend! Best Regards, Nusrat
“I truly believe it would not have happened if it weren’t for you and Lorelei. Thank thank thank you!!” Reyhaneh
“Firstly, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I have good news!! I have been admitted to the dual JD/MA (International Affairs) Program at University of Ottawa Law. This was probably one of my top choices and I am so thankful right now! I am still waiting to hear from the other schools, this was the first school that got back to me and I could not be any more happy right now!  Thank you so much for your ongoing support, guidance and encouragement. I feel truly blessed to have met you two as my mentors 🙂 Thank you again and I will definitely drop by the next workshop and meet up with you! Best Regards,” Nusrat​
“Hello Dr. Silverman, My name is Hassan, I am a third year Criminology and Sociolegal Studies student at the University of Toronto. I attended your Personal Statement Workshop last week and I would like to let you know that my friend and I found this session to be very helpful. I also wanted to find out about the admission counselling that you mentioned during the session. Thank you again and all the best. Sincerely,” HR
“Hello Dr.Silverman, It would be my honour. I am certain that attending your law school workshop helped me. Thanks very much for assisting in the competitive process. Sincerely,”SR