MHD members Medical School success stories

Untitled-1Mario Moscovici, MSc- medical student University of Toronto, Mississauga

“My decision to enter the medical profession is not based on a romanticized image of doctors acquired during childhood. In fact, my passion for medicine developed within the mechanical engineering program at the University of Toronto. Hands-on skills are extremely relevant to medicine and my engineering training has emphasized applying themselves practically, preparing me for the medical realm.  Motivated by a desire to impact clinical technology, I have taken on multiple research projects with medical applications. Through research, I have gained an understanding of how medicine has progressed while contributing to medical advancement. Although I see great value in medical research, I have realized that I prefer utilizing the developed tools, rather than developing them.  While academic and research experiences contribute to my growing medical knowledge, volunteering has played a critical role in exposing me to the clinical side of medicine. These opportunities have allowed me to observe my impact on others in a clinical setting. Such direct feedback from stakeholders — something often missing in research and engineering positions — allows me to continuously assess my professional character, identify my weaknesses, and improve the way in which I relate to others. Direct involvement in bettering the lives of others has been the common thread that connects all of my experiences. As an engineer with a passion for medicine, I continuously apply my practical skills to advance medical research, interact with others in a clinical setting, and contribute to my community. After all, innovation and advancement often require interdisciplinary action and I am excited to contribute to this process as a medical practitioner.”

Sean Cai,BSc- medical student University of Toronto, Mississauga campusSean_photo

Sean recently received his honours bachelor of science with high distinction from university of Toronto, where he studied Pathobiology. He is the winner of prestigious scholarships and fellowships such as the Millennium national scholarship, the Ontario Genomics Institute Fellowship, and Heart and Stroke Future Leader in Cardiovascular Research Award.  He has interviewed at top schools both in US and Canada and will be attending UofT medical school in September. Outside of the classroom, Sean is a talented musician and spends majority of his time teaching piano, volunteering with the Toronto Symphony, conducting his church choir and performing as an organist.  As a medical student, Sean hopes to bring the qualities and skills he developed through his personal experiences and research into a career in medicine.

Dr. Graham Ehsun

pass picture1

I had my first degree in Chemistry from Concordia University in chemistry and my Masters in Pharmaceutics from the University of Toronto. I worked in pharmaceutical industry in Canada for some years then decided to go into medicine.

 I attended a medical school in the Cayman Islands but did my clinical rotations in the US and Canada. I Volunteered for Models of Human Diseases to host the first International conference in Toronto. Thereafter, I came to Ghana (West Africa) to do medical work. I am currently working and doing postgraduate training at the Military Hospital (a United Nations designated hospital) in Ghana. While here, I have received ex

tensive practical experiences on medical issues and procedures that I have always been interested in. In addition, I have worked with HIV patients, orphanage, and other infectious diseases settings. Presently, I am also the sole representative of a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) to offer free medical supplies to hospitals and medical centers in Ghana. Needless to say, these experiences have been self-fulfilling and will certainly help me in developing my own approach in managing the medical patient.

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