Possible changes to USMLE scoring!!! Join teh conference!

Join Medical Education Programs http://www.medschoolimg.com and Drs Silverman in attending what can be possibly one of the most important webinars of your life presented by none else than United States Medical Licensing Examination for their Invitational Conference on USMLE Scoring!!!! Big changes possible ahead for all our premedical students who will study in USA medical and DO schools and our students who study in Caribbean and international schools! We are going to have an information session and consultation with all our past students , alumni, instructors and will have an open house. Join us! Read more about our premedical program and our USMLE intensive prep courses and one on one tutoring at http://www.medschoolimg.com! See the announcements from them: The USMLE.org is looking for your opinion about making the USMLE Step 1 a “Pass/Fail exam”. Read about the possible changes and respond with your opinion! The open comment period ends July 26th. Register for their USMLE scoring conference at


Medical Education Programs premedical and postbac program USMLE based Pharmacology course drug competition

Second team of drug development competition at Medical Education Program premedical and postbac program. http://www.medschoolimg.com. Besides teaching USMLE advanced material for the Pharmacology course, Drs Silverman introduced a hands on research and development from scratch of a natural remedy competition as part of the course assignment. Thestudents research, create and do clinical trials for a month on the drug they develop. See here the second team presenting the ROFigsSyrup. What a joy to have the drug called after a combination of Drs Silverman first names letters. Join our premed or postbac program and become leader clinician scientists!!!Drs Silverman create opportunities for all to become our next leaders in healthcare!

Pharmacology USMLE drug development competition

Pharmacology USMLE based course at Medical Education Programs http://www.medschoolimg.com is one of our 92 credit premedical course as well as a postbaccalaureate course. One of the assignments is the research and production of a novel natural remedy that is created from scratch by our students. Team 1 lead by Rashad and Ore presented Roselei= a topical antibiotic ointment. What a joy to have the drug called after a combination of Drs Silverman first names:Rosalind and Lorelei. The ointment samples were tested during the drug development competition.

Medical Education Prpgrams always on top

Medical Education Programs www.medschoolimg.com are always on top but last Sunday Drs Silverman were physically on the top floor. How beautiful Toronto looked from there! if you wonder what we hold : it is a small doctor model/usb drive. Remember a time when Toronto ended at Bloor Avenue? Me neither ! it was just a few hundred years ago….but here are large painting -maps from that time.

Beauty and brains

Beauty and brains! Medical Education Programs http://www.medschoolimg.com has the most beautiful and smartest premeds. Cris, Simran, May, and Mali will start med school in August. These movie stars shine through their accomplishments! Together they got USD 289,000 in scholarships!!!! Join our premed, postbaccalaureate, prerequisites programs and be our next success story! Drs. Silverman can not be more proud!!!

Global health at Medical Education Programs

Our students in Global health learned about living conditions in 6 third world countries last week at Toronto exhibition and presented amazing presentations on their own research and global medical trips in Cambodia, Nigeria, Guatemala,Kenya, India , and Columbia. So proud of our future global leaders!!!!! Join Medical Education Programs www.medschoolimg.com and become one of them!