CASPer, MCCEE, QE, USMLE courses brought to you by Medical Education Advising

All course participants receive a $200 package CV editing and enhancement and statement, as well as preferred rate for interview prep with Medical Education Advising consultants- the most successful advising company in Canada see success stories at


  1. CASPer test prep
  • September 20 from 6pm to 9 pm
  • All test structure, tips, strategies, what they are looking for and individual practice
  • Cost $100
  • In class interactive session or live class on Skype
  1. Psychiatry for MCCEE, MCCQE1, USMLE step 2CK and 3 USMLE

Preparing for Canadian or US medical exams? Join us each week on Saturday and Sunday start at any time and complete the prep cycle in 2 months

  • Psychiatry September 23 and 24 10.30am-8:00pm (Standard Eastern Time)
  • $125 for each day
  • In class interactive session or live class on Skype
  • The best prep course for one of the highest yield section
  1. CDM/QE1 (Also recommended for EE, Step 2 CK and Step 3)

October 7 and 8  from 10.30am to 8:00pm (Standard Eastern Time)

$250 for both days day

In class interactive session or  live class on Skype

General info about the CDM section

Guiding applicants how to go through this part of the test

Sample questions

Intensive review of the high-yield topics for the QE1 with the highest focus on the CDM part


For registration for these courses  email to

Location Yonge and King near King subway

NOTE: If you are not interested to attend, please pass this on to a friend who may benefit


MEA student accepted into Australian medical school

First Australian med school applicant from MEA! Congratulations to Aneesha Ghosh the first graduate of Medical Education Advising postbaccalaureate prerequisites program to be accepted into medical school in Australia! Aneesha studied at McMaster for her undergraduate and took a short postbac with us, she led our Therapeutic role of dance campaign and the global health project in India. We are so proud of you!

Contribution of Jewish, Muslim, South Asian doctors to the world of Medicine

Our premedical students and foreign trained doctors preparing for residency matching with Medical Education Advising have prepared posters about the contribution of various communities to medicine. We presented the contribution of the Jewish doctors at the Ashkenaz Festival and of South Asian and Muslim doctors to the India Fest and Muslim Fest. The motto of Medical Education advising is “Excellence and Diversity in education”. Our premed and IMG program has students and doctors from all over the world and we enjoy sharing our culture, food, and traditions while working together to make this world a bit healthier, safer, and happier!ashkenaz india

Medical Education Advising premd students and the eclipse

Medical Education Advising pre-med students watch the eclipse in Toronto  watch video below

tHE ECLIPSE SEEN FROM Medical Education Advising building at 67 Yonge street in downtown Toronto -we are located in one of teh first skyscarpers of Toronto a beautiful building http://www.medschoolimg.com20170821_143315_HDR20170821_143414