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Starmed Medical Education Programs in Canada, USA, and UK www.medschoolimg.com is the number one medical and other health care professional schools and residency matching application advising company. With 100% acceptance and 5.3 million dollars in scholarships in 2014-2019 we are the number one premed and postbac program in North America. Medical Education Programs founders created the first pre-medical and postbaccalaureate program in Toronto. Our 92 credit (12 months) Pre-Medical program leads to direct admission to partner medical, dental, veterinary schools, etc. We offer pre-requisite courses (accepted by over 120 top Canadian, USA, and international schools) and a fast track to medical school for nursing, other health care and science graduates who can start medical school in as little as 2 months. We offer in class, online live, and prerecorded prerequisite courses. Our programs are available to Canadian, USA, international students. They obtain clerkships and residency positions in US and Canadian teaching hospitals and can practice anywhere in the world. We offer TOEFL, IELTS and MCCEE, OSCE, and LMCC exams (QE1 and QE2), USA USMLE Step1, Step 2 CK, and CS exams, shadowing and observership courses, and "From IMG to employment" (course with paid co-op). Medical Education Programs in Canada and USA advises pre-med and residency applicants on personal statement and resume, and resume building through 40 projects (Models of Human diseases conference, posters, Rodent models of diseases pre-clinical database, Flowers for Cures, etc). Our interview, MMI, and CASPer preparation are unparalleled. Contact us at info@medschoolimg.com

Premedical postbac prerequisite success Toronto

Congratulations to Yassmin for being accepted to Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), University College Dublin (UCD), National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG). Yassmin graduated from Global Health Program at York University and took a few prerequisite courses with us at Starmed Medical Education Programs www.medschoolimg.com as she is nominated for a 100,000 scholarship from SGU. A few more students and we will reach 7 million dollars in scholarships. Starmed and its student stars are shining bright in the world of premedical education! Congratulations also to Bashayer and Julia for being accepted into medical school! Drs Silverman are so proud of all of you!Our future doctors could be fashion models as well!
“I would like to thank you once again for all the effort and support you have given me and thank you for being part of my medical school journey :-Bashayer

CARMS success

As we approach the third iteration we hope that all our IMGs at Starmed Medical Education Programs http://www.medschoolimg.com who applied will be successful! We want to share an amazing success of one of our IMGs who matched in second iteration in U of Saskatchewan Family Medicine, so proud of you Meenakshi! She was our first IMG from Zambia and helped us complete the success stories form countries in Africa, and we were so thrilled to help with Cv building, statement and interview prep! There was no project big or small we invited Meenakshi to take part that she did not participate with enthusiasm from research of immigrant health to environmental diseases and everything in between! And what can we say about her gracious beauty and her pride in her heritage. I asked her to share with me a pic and she send three….I can not decide which is more beautiful than other! Here is what she shared with us I just wanted to let you know I got matched into UOS Family medicine. Thank you so so much for helping me with everything.It really means a lot for not giving up hope on me and always saying that we can get into residency as long as we study do the exams and work towards it. I would love to help in any way I can so that people dont give up and keep pursuing what they want. Thank you again for being awesome. Thank you so much,Best Regards,Meenakshi, MD from Zambia Family medicine, Saskatchewan, 2020

Starmed MEP cancer awareness month

Medical Education Programs http://www.medschoolimg.com is increasing awareness about cancer during the month of April as part of our Global project Flowers for Cures initiated by Drs Silverman. Premedical, predental, prepharmacy, prevet, and preoptometry students as well as international medical graduates IMGs participate in the projects. We created and distributed disease awareness brochures, supported cancer foundations, and wore yellow and daffodil pins in previous years. This year our campaign is online only . Together we will fight cancer! Cancer patients are at increased risk of COVID19 and some had to have treatments and surgeries delayed! Do your part to stop COVID19!Share our message and join our Global campaign Flowers for Cures!

Premedical Postabcaaclaureate Prerequisite IMG NACOSCE TDM MCCQE1


What we have done to provide the highest level of excellence during COVID19 pandemic

• All course offered ONLINE LIVE providing the best in interactive learning with your professors and classmates
• Personalized attention, permanent feedback and support from your instructor
• Personalized attention, permanent feedback and support from your instructor

Starmed MEP is committed to providing excellent learning experiences, advising for application, and support to students and to ensure maximum success during the current COVID-19 situation.
• 100% acceptance into medical and other professional schools
• 6.5 million dollars in scholarships from partner schools

While we normally hold in-class educational experiences as well as online broadcasted all around the globe our courses, we are now mobilized to provide the best in LIVE distance-learning. Our IMGs have achieved the highest success in CARMS, MLPIMG, SIPPA’ CAPBC, PRA, restricted license, and fellowships!


We know you were so much looking forward to come onsite to our world renowned medical school summer camp but this year we will have to have it ONLINE.
You will get the same educational experience, activities, and leadership but we will have to skip the onsite reception with doctors!

We know it has been tough for all premedical, predental, prehealth students and IMG, teaching faculty and staff, and for parents, families, and the entire world!
Our IMGs have created a wonderful FB page for information and support, we have provided counselling and support to those in need to stay engaged and focused, as well as continue as an institution to support charities helping those in need and biomedical research!
Join us and become our next success story!
Drs. Silverman know that now more than ever you want to be a doctor or healthcare professional! They are our real heroes!
What exciting times! Here is our hope that everyone stays healthy and safe!#premedcanada

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Success story prerequisite courses postbac Toronto

Originally from Barbados Tyrel’s family moved to Canada where he graduated from University of Toronto with a major In Neuroscience. Tyrel joined StarMed Medical Education Programs www.medschoolimg.com
to fulfil his prerequisite courses and was also involved in research in biomarkers of IBD and obesity and awareness for heart and stroke, mental health and mens’s health. He will join Ross Medical School back in Barbados and is committed to make an impact not only at a local level but also at a global one and advocates for social distancing during the corona pandemic

Our postbac student frontline in the fight against COVID19

One of our students from Starmed Medical Education Programs www.medschoolimg.com
taking prerequisite courses with us works in the lab doing testing for corona virus and she made a video explaining the procedure https://www.instagram.com/p/B-FNqNxhMBD/… So proud of you Monica! Looking forward to the amazing contribution you will make as a doctor!

Congratulations to our premed, predental and prepharmacy students

WE NEED MORE DOCTORS AND PHARMACISTS AND DENTISTS and that is what Medical EDucation Programs Starmed does http://www.medschoolimg.com. Despite the real grave situation the world is in our premedical students are even more motivated to become doctors! Congratulations to Huda for getting into medical school in USA, to Catherine and Yekta in AUC , to Andrew for his 78000 USD scholarship from Ross medical school , for Skylar for getting with a large scholarship into SGU medical school, and for getting into SGU medical school for Kowsika for getting into Ross medical school,SGU medical school and AUC medical school, and here it is Sima and Ahmad who are about to finish pharmacy in USA, (her last day as prepharmacy student Sima came to school on Friday for labs, delivered the baby on saturday and on Monday she was taking her organic chemistry test together with her husband Ahmad-now proud father-while Dr. Ross and Lori Silverman were babysitting the newborn) . WE have now surpassed 6 million dollars in scholarships for our premedical program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you to our main partners who gave scholarshipsSGU, Ross and AUC!and congratulations to all telemedicine course for IMG certificate here is Dr. Erwin for his telemedicine certificate with Medical Education Programs (pic taken in February)