Congratulations to our premed, predental and prepharmacy students

WE NEED MORE DOCTORS AND PHARMACISTS AND DENTISTS and that is what Medical EDucation Programs Starmed does Despite the real grave situation the world is in our premedical students are even more motivated to become doctors! Congratulations to Huda for getting into medical school in USA, to Catherine and Yekta in AUC , to Andrew for his 78000 USD scholarship from Ross medical school , for Skylar for getting with a large scholarship into SGU medical school, and for getting into SGU medical school for Kowsika for getting into Ross medical school,SGU medical school and AUC medical school, and here it is Sima and Ahmad who are about to finish pharmacy in USA, (her last day as prepharmacy student Sima came to school on Friday for labs, delivered the baby on saturday and on Monday she was taking her organic chemistry test together with her husband Ahmad-now proud father-while Dr. Ross and Lori Silverman were babysitting the newborn) . WE have now surpassed 6 million dollars in scholarships for our premedical program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you to our main partners who gave scholarshipsSGU, Ross and AUC!and congratulations to all telemedicine course for IMG certificate here is Dr. Erwin for his telemedicine certificate with Medical Education Programs (pic taken in February)

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About Medical Education Programs College Starmed IMG and pre-medical program

Starmed Medical Education Programs in Canada, USA, and UK is the number one medical and other health care professional schools and residency matching application advising company. With 100% acceptance and 5.3 million dollars in scholarships in 2014-2019 we are the number one premed and postbac program in North America. Medical Education Programs founders created the first pre-medical and postbaccalaureate program in Toronto. Our 92 credit (12 months) Pre-Medical program leads to direct admission to partner medical, dental, veterinary schools, etc. We offer pre-requisite courses (accepted by over 120 top Canadian, USA, and international schools) and a fast track to medical school for nursing, other health care and science graduates who can start medical school in as little as 2 months. We offer in class, online live, and prerecorded prerequisite courses. Our programs are available to Canadian, USA, international students. They obtain clerkships and residency positions in US and Canadian teaching hospitals and can practice anywhere in the world. We offer TOEFL, IELTS and MCCEE, OSCE, and LMCC exams (QE1 and QE2), USA USMLE Step1, Step 2 CK, and CS exams, shadowing and observership courses, and "From IMG to employment" (course with paid co-op). Medical Education Programs in Canada and USA advises pre-med and residency applicants on personal statement and resume, and resume building through 40 projects (Models of Human diseases conference, posters, Rodent models of diseases pre-clinical database, Flowers for Cures, etc). Our interview, MMI, and CASPer preparation are unparalleled. Contact us at

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