Congratulations to our premeds, postbacs and IMGs

Congratulations to Medical Education Programs premed and IMGs who make us proud every day! Our premedical, postbac and prerequisite course students and our IMGs continue to achieve great success every day! Congratulations to Jason for getting into Wayne medical school in USA, such a big accomplishment see his testimonial video on our social media at, Eman for getting into dental school in Louisville dental school (see her testimonial video) and Laila into Rutgers, Minnesota and Midwestern Arizona dental schools in USA, Jake and Syia (see her testimonial video)for getting into Nova DO in USA, to Madie, Aretti, Dylan, Abinaya, and Devi for getting into SGU medical school Global scholar program with CAD 676,000 scholarships. Thank you for the amazing recognition and support to our students, SGU! Congratulations to our IMGs Mariam and Michael for getting fellowships -Michael in Anesthesiology, to Aysha and Sam who got accepted into Queen’s Family medicine masters, and to so many of our IMGs who passed to the second MLPIMG interview and got interviews in family medicine in Ontario, BC , and psychiatry interview invitations in Ontario, McGill and Saskatchewan! So proud of all of you! Looking forward to share more great news next week! Join Medical Education Programs, learn about what we offer and become our next success story!