MLPIMG success stories 2019

Medical Education Programs success story of teh day (it will take us months to share all of them) are very proud to share for many years in a row our great accomplishment in helping IMGs license though the MLPIMG program in Manitoba…Like in previous years more than half of the seats were successfully gained by our IMGs, this year we had success for IMGs from Tanzania, Egypt, Nigeria, India, and Pakistan!!! See here a warm testimonial from John an IMG from Egypt who was such a hard worker and made us soooooo really proud! I would like to thank Drs. Silverman for all their professional help, I am finally got matched to the MLPIMG. I really appreciate their efforts with me to adjust the CV and how we could highlight the strong points in it. I still remember the first meeting and how they gaved me hope and encouraged me as an IMG. They really know what they are doing with focusing on even the tiniest details to get the best results with our skills and achieve success. Also with their guidance for the interview preparation, I felt that I am confident and that I will do it. Thanks again Dr. Silverman and I highly recommend your service to all IMGs. John MLPIMG 2019 Thanks John, Join us and become our next year success story!

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About Medical Education Programs College Starmed IMG and pre-medical program

Starmed Medical Education Programs in Canada, USA, and UK is the number one medical and other health care professional schools and residency matching application advising company. With 100% acceptance and 5.3 million dollars in scholarships in 2014-2019 we are the number one premed and postbac program in North America. Medical Education Programs founders created the first pre-medical and postbaccalaureate program in Toronto. Our 92 credit (12 months) Pre-Medical program leads to direct admission to partner medical, dental, veterinary schools, etc. We offer pre-requisite courses (accepted by over 120 top Canadian, USA, and international schools) and a fast track to medical school for nursing, other health care and science graduates who can start medical school in as little as 2 months. We offer in class, online live, and prerecorded prerequisite courses. Our programs are available to Canadian, USA, international students. They obtain clerkships and residency positions in US and Canadian teaching hospitals and can practice anywhere in the world. We offer TOEFL, IELTS and MCCEE, OSCE, and LMCC exams (QE1 and QE2), USA USMLE Step1, Step 2 CK, and CS exams, shadowing and observership courses, and "From IMG to employment" (course with paid co-op). Medical Education Programs in Canada and USA advises pre-med and residency applicants on personal statement and resume, and resume building through 40 projects (Models of Human diseases conference, posters, Rodent models of diseases pre-clinical database, Flowers for Cures, etc). Our interview, MMI, and CASPer preparation are unparalleled. Contact us at

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