MLPIMG success stories 2019

Medical Education Programs success story of teh day (it will take us months to share all of them) are very proud to share for many years in a row our great accomplishment in helping IMGs license though the MLPIMG program in Manitoba…Like in previous years more than half of the seats were successfully gained by our IMGs, this year we had success for IMGs from Tanzania, Egypt, Nigeria, India, and Pakistan!!! See here a warm testimonial from John an IMG from Egypt who was such a hard worker and made us soooooo really proud! I would like to thank Drs. Silverman for all their professional help, I am finally got matched to the MLPIMG. I really appreciate their efforts with me to adjust the CV and how we could highlight the strong points in it. I still remember the first meeting and how they gaved me hope and encouraged me as an IMG. They really know what they are doing with focusing on even the tiniest details to get the best results with our skills and achieve success. Also with their guidance for the interview preparation, I felt that I am confident and that I will do it. Thanks again Dr. Silverman and I highly recommend your service to all IMGs. John MLPIMG 2019 Thanks John, Join us and become our next year success story!

IMG success stories

Now that the euphoria of matching is fading a bit and our IMGs are starting to prepare mentally for their next step in their professional journeys testimonials and pictures for our Hall of fame started to flood in…We are busy helping the next batch but it is still so important to share the success of 2019 match and inspire the new applicants. See our success stories at
Here is Versh from MUA who matched in Alabama family medicine his first choice in USA Dear Dr. Silvermans,
I just wanted to let you know I matched! I was accepted to a family medicine program in Atlanta, Well Start which was my top choice in the US! I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance along the way. I couldn’t have done this without the support you two provided for me. Your advice was very thoughtful and insightful and greatly helped me during all of my residency interviews.His testimonial below expresses his gratitude, but we also want to thank Versh for being an amazing person and wish you best of luck! We are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you! I recently matched to WellStar Atlanta Medical Center for Family Medicine – my top choice in the US!

The path of an IMG to securing a residency position in the US or Canada is not easy. There are many challenges and obstacles along the way. I was involved in 2 interview seasons, in ERAS and CaRMS, and had 12 interviews throughout the US and Canada. I encountered a wide spectrum of interview styles, from behaviour questions to situational questions, ethical questions, group interviews, and clinical scenarios. Dr. Lori and Rosalind Silverman equip me with the knowledge and confidence to feel prepared in all of these different scenarios.

During my journey to residency, Lori and Rosalind were there for me every step of the way. They helped me with everything from preparing for interviews to studying for the NAC and the MCCQE Part 1. They provided me with so much valuable advice and guidance. I really appreciated the time and effort they put into their feedback and recommendations. I was able to stand out in my interviews because of the thoughtful and insightful advice they gave me. I also was able to succeed on my board exams thanks to the prep courses they provided.

Lori and Rosalind’s years of experience helping IMGs secure residency in the US and Canada was so crucial to my success. They have a proven track record of helping IMGs attain their most desired residency programs. But I think one of the best strengths of Medical Education Programs is the community you become a part of the moment you step foot in their office. They connect you with so many other like-minded IMGs, all of whom are facing the same challenges you are facing. Here you find support and encouragement, which is so important during the long, and sometimes discouraging, process of attaining residency. You find friends to study with, share resources, exchange study tips and even work on applications together. Lori and Rosalind allow you to use their classrooms to study, so you and your friends always have a place where you can meet.

I could not have done this without Lori and Rosalind. I can never thank them enough for everything they did for me!


Once a dr always a dr

Our IMGs in the QE1 class at Medical Education Programs received flowers for spring day ….kids could not wait to see THE DOCTORS…..remember that you are and will always be doctors!!! as long as your license in your home country is valid…and put all your efforts as soon as you come here to get the license also in Canada!!!

Happy Easter and Passover

This week-end we are getting ready for Easter and Pesah at Medical Education Programs https;// Hag Pesah Sameah and Happy Easter to all who celebrate or not! Thank you to our Egyptian IMGs (special thanks to Mariam) and students for the nice gifts we used for the display for the little ones of the parting of the Red Sea (pyramids,camels,little carpets) for the little ones.


Our twins May and Mal or M&M how we jokingly call them who fulfilled their prerequisite with Medical Education Programs premed program will start med school with siblings scholarships of 73 000 USD each. Congratulations from the deans Drs. Silverman twins

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