MLPIMG success story

Myself Dr. Lori and Dr. Rosalind Silverman work really hard every day at Medical Education Programs, sometimes 20 h a day but what keeps us going forward despite all adversities is the impact we can make each and every day in the lives of our premedical students and our IMGs. Here is a testimonial from Dr. Maryam from Tanzania who got into MLPIMG (our favorite program ) this year…Soooo Proud of you! There was a time during the process of re-licensing that I had felt really heartbroken. I am sure many of you can share the same feeling. 
I therefore attended one of the workshops provided by Dr Silverman, and was really impressed by what they had to of the things they mentioned was in the line of ..”every one of you has a spot in the system; you just have to know where you fit..! This statement really encouraged me to persevere and work hard on my application.I would recommend Dr Rosalind and Dr Lorelei Silverman to any IMG who want guidance through this process. They helped me with my CV, and prep me for interviews. I felt more confident after attending these sessions!
am really happy that by the grace of the Almighty, I matched to the MLPIMG program! To all my colleagues struggling through this system – NEVER GIVE UP! 
Thank you Dr Silverman for your guidance and encouragement!


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Congratulations to our predental students and CSAs -IMG clients

what a great day today with more news from our premeds and our IMG clients at Medical Education programs in Canada, USA, and UK! Akila who took a few prerequisite courses and a really short postbac program with us got into dental school in Howard U in USA and Vershcoy our client IMG from MUA got accepted in family medicine residency in Atlanta…So proud of you!!!

Nowruz, St Patrick, Holi, Purim

This week Medical Education programs celebrated 4 holidays and the diversity of our premed students and IMGs …St Patrick celebration was a great success our karaoke group won the 3rd prize, Happy Nowruz and Holi and Purim to all our Christians, Persian , Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist and all other religions and atheists professors, staff and students!!!! So interesting that Purim took place in the Persian empire and we celebrate them together

3 research conferences in 10 days

At the Neuroscience conference today, Drs Lorelei (an accomplished neuroscientist) and Rosalind (an accomplished cancer scientist) were invited to be judges. Our students at Medical Education programs and IMGS also presented their work in Psychiatry, neurology biomarker research .Drs Silverman and their students presented 2 posters in the last 10 days one on biomarkers and one on artificial intelligence and its application in healthcare …Join pour clinical research course and get the best for your CV for residency matching

American match and MLPIMG match day today

Medical Education Advising Premed, IMG residency in Canada and USA

19 mins · 

Medical Education Programs celebration of the American Match Day with our amazing success stories….The theme that we chose this year is match through clinical research showcasing many of our success stories who took also our short Clinical Research Course and all were involved in our research projects, authored posters and published papers under Drs. Silverman`s supervision. Learn more about our clinical research course at
MLPIMG 1 year residency program results are in!!!!!!!!!! Can not keep up with emails!!! Did we get half of MLPIMG seats for our clients???Amazing news started to be shared from our clients at Medical Education Programs who were helped by Drs Silverman with their CV statement, selection of references, CV buildup activities, (research posters, telemedicine, diseases awareness) and of course interviews! Congratulations Mariam from Tanzania, Ravideep from India, Ope from Nigeria and John from Egypt!!! you made us very proud!!! More news to come….we constantly have the highest success for our IMGs in application for the 1 year residency in Manitoba in the MLPIMG program. If you were not successful in CaRMS contact us asap and put the application as the deadline is in 10 DAYS!!!!! we will have a free workshop to teach you all you need to know about MLPIMG application!