Medical Education Programs in Canada, USA, and UK has initiated the IMG Hall of Fame program in which we will interview our clients who successfully matched and will present in depth analysis of pathways for success! This will be a learning experience for all who will identify with that particular IMG. We have many clients from our partners medical and DO schools in Canada, USA, Caribbean, UK, Ireland, Australia. These are students who finish our premed program and match in the last year of their med school. The programs are directed towards matching in Canada and USA, they are supported while in school by their schools and by us. We will present success stories for them too, but we will start with cases that others will not think are possible, difficult cases with internal and external barriers, cases of sacrifices, cases that can inspire others in similar situation and cases that can trigger a BETTER WAY IN WHICH RESIDENCY MATCHING IS DONE IN CANADA! Every week one of such cases will be presented on our blog. Subscribe to our social media on our website at and get advice and a clear path for your situation. This week’s story is Dina, an IMG from Russia who matched in Psychiatry after 9 attempts. She came to us after numerous unsuccessful attempts. Our company provided her with the advising, resources, opportunities to be successful from application to interview, from participation in research, poster presentations, paper publication to completing our clinical research course, as well as support and friendship, and encouragement. Learn with us the story of Dina, and how to get into a Psychiatry residency!

CaRMS match day a success!

match day!!!! What a a success at Medical Education Programs Time for new pictures on the website …the phone is not stopping…the first of one was Deb from Indonesia who matched in BC, after hours of hard work on application and interview, ten dresses tried until the perfect one found, after backup TDM course completed with us is no longer needed, after a successful clinical research course completed with us, after hours of studying for exams the happy end!!! so proud of you Deb….Congratulation to Viky, Matthew, Asma from partner Caribbean schools MUA, UW who matched in family medicine at U of Toronto, to Dina from Russia who matched in Psychiatry in Western, Bisan who matched in internal at U of T. Watch for our big workshop on success stories and plan B there is also an alternative a MLPIMG, BC, SIPPA, and TDM classes start with us just after NAC on March 9 , and there is practice ready and restricted license, and the fellowship and reapplying for those who did not match!

Franchising Medical Education Programs

Francising Medical Education Programs https://www.medschoolimg.comRequirements for success 100% dedication to the students” success, working hours 25/24 ( it is not a typo) success measured ONLY in how many students got in medical ,dental school or other health related schools and how many IMGs matched.Any takers?


CARMS results only days away. People are anxious….What if they do not get in ? Instead of worrying that you do not get in you better join Medical Education Programs CASPER preparation that includes the new changes for the exam this year as well as the mock reflecting these changes for second iteration. Please be advised that Casper is different for different programs and intakes. Taking it last year for another program will not allow you to have a valid Casper score for the second iteration and is only one single date March 3 rd when you can take the exam. Each Casper is different for different schools and programs.You know how many people miss opportunities by not applying in time for programs or not having ready the documents and tests. For the express entry he portal was open only for a few minutes. We offer ALL exams and support for the applications. Did you apply for Nova Scotia or for Nunavut?…/nova-scotia-starts-testing-foreign-tra……/press-release-nunavut-joins-pan-canadian…/…

100 years of medicine in Toronto

On a cold day like today you might want to take a break from studying and explore “The dark side tunnel exhibit at Casa Loma” featuring pictures of the healthcare system of Toronto from 100 years ago