Congratulations to Medical Education Programs premed and postbaccalaureate students who got admission into medical school this week: Nalini got into SGU with USD 72,000 scholarship, Shaini got into SGU, Romaisa successfully transfered from our 90 credit premedical program into a Bachelor of Science in 3 universities in California, Washington, Pennsylvania and New York with $ 20,000 was accepted into , Anain was accepted into NVU medical school, Shaini was accepted into SGU med school. We have reached 2,791,900 million dollars in scholarships from our partner medical schools in the last 4 years and 100% acceptance

Telemedicine Medical education programs

Join us and join this revolutionary development in medicine in Canada! Medical Education Advising has the only short course in telemedicine in Canada Read the article about PEI telemedicine revolution

Premedical postbaccalaureate prerequisite program Toronto Ontario Canada

Join Medical Education Advising Programs in January to complete your prerequisite courses for American, Caribbean, Australian, etc. Medical, dental, DO, optometry, pharmacy schools, increase your GPA or start your premedical program. Find best partner medical schools in our cloud and become our next success story. With 100% acceptance into medical school, 110 partner medical schools and 2.7 million dollars in scholarships in the past 4 years we are the only accredited premed and postbac program in Canada. We partnered with 90 American schools, European and Australian schools as well as selected 10 top Caribbean medical schools that are accredited under the 2023. This new rule that starts in January 2019 and applies to anyone who will start medical school after allows only a handful of Caribbean schools to match in residency after January 2019. Chose top schools that have a great history of residency matching. We care about you not only to get into a medical school but most importantly to practice after. Beware of counterfeit premedical programs in Canada that partner with non accredited schools under the 2023 rule! Join programs and schools that ensure that your effort, time and money will allow you to match in residency under the new rule! Come for a free 30 min consultation to discuss your chances of getting into medical school in Canada, USA, Europe, AUstralia and Caribbean

New Year wishes

Medical Education Advising wishes all our premedical students and IMGs, their families, our instructors and partners and friends from Canada, USA and abroad happy holidays and a wonderful new year. It is an extremely busy time for us helping so many of you with the interview preparation for residency matching. This year we opened our second location in Toronto for IMGs and just returned from our US office in NY where we are in the process of developing a new international strategic initiative. Join us for our January info session on our premedical postbac program, for launching PLAB courses for the first time in Canada, as well as BLS and ACLS courses, attend sample sessions for Clinical research, telemedicine, NAC, QE1, USMLE, and TDM (successfully run for the first time in Canada in December and January). Medical Education Advising is indeed the most innovative institution in the medical education field and we pride ourself in helping so many of you achieving your dreams. Please read a recent article about Drs Silverman, resilience, and the immigrant pathways to success and be like Medusa in the new year…/york-university-conference-highlig…/… A citation from the article “We always had to have a plan B or C, and we knew that even if they cut us tomorrow, we would do something else. Like the Medusa from the Greek mythology – if one of our arms was cut, two more would grow”imgyork