The ultimate guide to study medicine abroad launched by Medical Education Programs

Medical Education Programs is presenting THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO STUDY MEDICINE ABROAD. As an independent institution that offers premed, postbac and prerequisite credit courses, that has 110 partner medical schools in Canada, USA , and abroad and over 20 years of advising for med school application we thought is the time to have this guide that we use for our own students to be available for everyone. We will have a FB page as well where we share tips from our many graduates who chose a global medical education. We also welcome sponsorship from international schools and ads.
Today’s tips
What to pack for the BIG TRIP
Tip of the day: if the Caribbean school is is too cheap to believe run!!! There are always hidden costs such as unavailability of quality accredited clinical rotations and you are left to pay from your pocket for getting a good one. You get what you pay for applies to everything in life and so much more when it is to the biggest investment you will make in your professional growth. For example beware of schools that advertise themselves as the cheapest and ask you to bring your own gloves for the lab!!!! This speaks volume of the support and education you will get! So run away from those schools and do not buy into their marketing tricks!
Now the list recommended by our students:
Important Documents
Make digital (pictures) and paper copies of your most important documents in case they get stolen –keep them in a separate place
• Passport/driving license
• University documents, acceptance letter
• Finance documents
• Accommodation documents
• Your bank details and bank card
• Passport photos (in case they are needed and they cost a lot there)
• Health card/insurance
• Change
Electrical Items-check the system!!!!!!
• Laptop/computer and charger
• Headphones
• Phone and charger
• Ethernet cable, HDMI cable, etc
• Extension
• Hair dryer and styling
• Speakers
• External hard drive
• Cable adapters
• Camera
School items
• Journal/diary/planner
• Notebooks
• Pens and pencils
• Sticky notes
• Stapler and staples
• Highlighters
• Paper clips
• Scotch tape
• Bulletin board
Clothing Items
• Comfortable clothing
• Warm clothes for AC rooms and library
• Everyday clothing (pants, shirts, shorts, Tshirts, skirts, dresses)
• Swimwear
• Everyday shoes
• Formal clothing and shoe
• Raincoat
• Slippers
• Flip-flops
• Nightwear
• Dressing gown
• Backpack
• Gym Bag
• Clothes hangers
• Tampons/sanitary pads
• Nail scissors
• Razors.shaving cream
• Comb/brush
• Sunscreen
• Small mirror
• Cosmetics
• Hair ties
• Eyeglass cleaners/wipes
• Bobby pins
• Toothpaste
• Women’s personal products
• Toiletries bag
• Ear plugs
• Mini sewing kit
• Glasses
• Sunglasses
• Contact lenses and supplies
Medical Supplies
• Allergy medicine and vitamins
• Paracetamol/cold & flu medicine
• Antiseptics for infections (Neosporin, Bactine)
• Plasters
• Digestive meds (Pepto-Bismol)
• Cold and sinus meds
• Insect repellant/hydrocortisone cream
• Antiseptic cream
• Band-aids, ace bandages
• Aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen
• Antiseptic wipes
• Birth control pills
• Condoms
Bring your prescription drugs
Kitchen Items if not provided by residence
• Favorite snacks
• Bowls and plates
• Cutlery
• Mugs and glasses
• Sharp knife
• Baking tray
• Frying pan
• Oven gloves
• Tupperware
• Cheese grater
• Travel mug
• Vegetable peeler
• Bottle opener
• Tin opener
• Saucepan
• Dish cloths/sponges
Bedroom/bath Items
• Duvet
• Bed sheets
• Clothes hangers
• Pillows
• Pillow cases
• Laundry bag or basket
• Towels
• Pins
• Alarm clock
• Febreeze
• Batteries
• Umbrella
• Tool kit
• A torch
• Books
• Swiss army knife (in your luggage)
• Sports equipment
• Beach towel
• Playing cards
• Photos of family and friends
• Posters/wall art
• Religious objects
Check if your room has
• Kettle
• Toaster
• Microwave
• Iron
• Water filter
• Mini-fridge
• Coffee maker
• Printer
• TV
• Candles

Premed Medical Education Programs transfer into USA

So proud of all our premed, postbac, prerequisite students and IMGs at Medical Education Programs in Canda and USA www.medschoolimg.comwhom we have helped over the years! Here is Romaisa, our best premed student in the 2018 graduating class who came all the way from Vancouver just after finishing high school and completed our 1 year 92 credit premedical program before transferring in a 3rd BSc program in one of our many partner US universities with USD12000 scholarship. We wish you best of success! Our bridge program to US undergrad programs allow our students to study all MCAT based prerequisites as well as 7 USMLE based courses and prepare them for a successful transition to medical school. At the same time our rigorous program offers the most supportive environment and small classes as well as help with MCAT and application. An US degree opens way more options for application to medical schools in USA and in Canada. Are you interested in medicine? dentistry? veterinary medicine? Pharmacy? DO?Do you need pre-requisite courses such as Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, English, Calculus, Microbiology, etc, etc, to apply to American schools, MCGill, LAval, etc? or a postbacalaureate program to increase your chances to get into medical or dental school?
Medical Education Programs in Canada (Toronto) and New York, USA is a hub offering programs and credit curses from summer camp to residency matching
1. the only accredited postbacalaureate program in Canada with 100% acceptance: our students were accepted into medical, dental, pharmacy schools at University of Toronto, Queen’s University, McMaster University, Western University, U of Detroit Mercy, Wake Forrest, Central Michigan, South California, Temple, Albany, Australian schools, UK schools, and top Caribbean schools. In the past 4 years we had 100% acceptance rate and 2.4 million dollars in scholarships for our students from our partner schools.
see some of our alumni at
2. the only premedical program with direct acceptance without MCAT into medical, dental, veterinary, chiropractic schools –our students got over 2 million dollars in scholarships from our partner schools in the past 4 years
3. all prerequisites for medical, dental, DO, pharmacy and other health care schools accepted by 110 partner schools in Canada, USA, and international
4. medical school summer camp –where you can learn everything about medicine
5. all courses for residency matching
6. the most successful advising for application to medical and professional schools and for residency matching for international medical graduates IMG and CSA in Canada see some of our amazing success stories
7. Financing for professional schools by the best banks in Canada

TDM and PLAB courses

Join Medical Education Programs two new courses next week. PLAB course and explore an alternative route to Canada via UK. Excellent alternative for caribbean and other graduates. Join our TDM course for provincial entry!
PLAB ( Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board) is a two step evaluation process for IMGs who are interested in a career in the UK.
Part one is an MCQ based exam ( 200 questions over 3 hours) and it’s a classic pencil and paper test. The test covers a wide range of mainly clinical questions but at times you might come across a few basic science knowledge.
Part two is an OSCE test. There will be 20 total stations, 18 test stations and two test stations.
The test covers a wide range of common cases that any GP would encounter in his daily practice, and it evaluates the candidate based on his Data gathering, Management and Interpersonal skills.
Meet us at our orientation session and we will answer all your questions about PLAB exams.

Medical Education Advising courses

What is better than Black Friday deals?????????????
Monday November 26 6:30 Free CaRMS interview workshop
Tuesday Nov 27 Free 2 hour come and see our innovative highly successful NACOSCE course that starts on Tuesday
Free 2 h of QE1 Free 2 hours TDM course – see our best success stories
Free 2 hours PLAB2 course
Clinical research courses and telemedicine
Medical Education Programs
Free Interview WORKSHOPRESIDENCY CARMS & ERAS Drs. Silverman will share their wealth of experience helping IMGs, CSAs, and premedical students for over 20 years to ace their interview!
6:30 Tips on how to approach the interview
7-7:10 NACOSCE demo
7:10- 8:20 practice panel, MPI, MMI and PBL interview stations
Get input on your performance
8:20-8:30 Q&A
See some of our success stories and join our advising sessions to become one of them at
The workshop will take place on Monday November 26th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at our state of the art location at Yonge and Sheppard in Hullmark Corporate Centre at 4773 Yonge street, 5th floor unit 5 (2 subway line entrances in the building, free parking on side streets and 1 min from 401. Space is very limited so RSVP at with your name, phone number, school and year of graduation. Please bring a valid ID for confirmation
Bring a valid ID for confirmation

Celebrating with Ross medical school our students who will start in January

Celebrating with Ross medical school our students who will start in January. Medical Education Programs . Thank you Ross, Mr. Harkness and Vahidi !
Medical Education Programs’ IMGs from clinical research course visit one of their placements and Abdul, Sara, Veli, Adriene, and Haley received their certificate. premed students visit Diabetes expo.