NACOSCE course

Medical Education Advising has completed the NACOSCE prep and started the first of the 5 rounds of mock for NACOSCE exam in September. We wish all our IMGs the best of luck! We are so proud of your progress and look forward for you to be our next success stories
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Clinical research certificate Medical Education Advising

Medical Education Program intensive job ready Clinical research and Telemedicine certificates are offered online and onsite (2 h/week in class and 6 h of guided work) for 64 h total. Internships are also available. Highest success rate, job application prep, interview prep. Opportunities to be involved in research, to publish articles and present posters, participate in disease awareness campaigns, and teaching and prepare for residency matching at the same time. Our last batch of students found excellent jobs in hospitals (Sunnybrook and St Michael’s Hospital, in telemedicine private offices, in top CRO in Toronto, at University of Toronto, case management companies. Last week we had a guest lecturer Vin who is a former student of Dr. Lorelei Silverman at University of Toronto Scarborough and now has an incredible job in Montreal in clinical research #imgtoronto#clinicalresearch,#residencymatching



Congrats medical education advsing

Congratulations again to Medical Education Advising students and IMGs! our premedical student Danish who got 10000 dollars scholarship for med school, to Saba who completed her clinical research certificate and to Yassi and Sabrina who completed their prerequisite courses and short postbaccalaureate program with us to apply to US medical schools. Sabrina’s sister, Hina, also completed a short postbac/prerequisites with us and was accepted into Ross med school

Medical Education Advising received over 2 million dollars in scholarships

It’s official! medical Education Advising premed and postbac students have now received more than 2 million dollars ins cholarships from our partner medical schools such as Ross, SGU, AUC, UMHS, AUA!!!! Afshin just received USD 35,000 scholarship for medical school . Congratulations also to Sheeba who completed a short postbac with us and got into the UK/SGU program , and to Mike who finished our premedical program and Lawrence who took prerequisite courses with us who also got into med schools!

NUY to offer free med school for ever!

What an accomplishment NYU to offer free medical school in New York!!!!!!!!!

We now look forward to help students of all social background reach the dream of becoming a doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Medical Education Advising is thrilled to share this news! Hope more of the med schools in US will do the same… We have 90 schools in US that accept our prerequisite courses

Happy India independence Day

Medical Education Advising wishes Happy India Independence Day to all our (many) students. international medical graduates in our programs and instructors! Our premed/postbaccalaureate program made history when Jayashree, our international student from India got into University of Toronto medical school this year as the first international student to do so. And who can forget Aneesha, now in her second year of med school whose contribution to our global health research and role of dance in alleviating medical conditions made news in media and TV. And Sharon who got into med school in USA …And each and every of our so many students and trainees too many to write here who got into medical, dental schools, or matched into residence. This year we were so happy to visit India for an education conference and to learn about this amazing country! WE look forward to many more international students from India and of course our amazing local ones!

Happy Pakistan Day and congratulations to our students with Pakistani background

Medical Education Advising wishes Happy Pakistan Independence Day to all our (many) students. international medical graduates in our programs and instructors! Just now another of our student with Pakistani background Danish got into medical school! He was on our dean’s list and did an amazing job in an accelerated premed bridge program with direct acceptance into med school. And so did Hamza who got into SGU a couple days ago! watch their testimonials at


Medical Education Advising celebrated more success stories today. Congratulation to Afshin for getting in Medical School UMH! After 25 years of immense success in the corporate world he finally decided to follow his heart and took prerequisite courses with us and was accepted into medical school.Here celebrating Iranian style with pistachio, baclava,etc. And what a surprise visit from Ryan our premed program graduate who finished his first year at SGU med school and got a $50,000 scholarship! He joined some of our IMG in a clinical class. Medical Education Advising is now at $1,994774 million dollars scholarships from our partner medical schools for our premed and postbaccalaureate students in Canada and USA. Hamza (who completedd a short postbac program with us) also came by before joining med school in SGU! His brother to follow! So terribly proud of all of you!


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Afshin took all prerequisite with our program Medical Education Program as well as he was involved in numerous extracurricular activities and will start medical school in September. Congratulations and good luck !

Afshin took all prerequisite with our program as well as he was involved in numerous extracurricular activities and will start medical school in September . …



Premedical and postbaccalaureate students acquire hands on clinical skills during their Pathology, English-communication in health care, Ethics and Medical Terminology courses.
We are fortunate to have a huge number of internationally educated doctors who take our NAC, USMLE, QE, CASPer and clinical research and telemedicine courses and whom we invite to come and share with our premed and postbac students their clinical experience from their countries.

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