CARMS and MLPIMG free worskhop on application and personal statement

Free workshop on application and personal statement for CARMS and MLPIMG
You will hear strategies to apply successfully to CaRMS and MLPIMG and participate in the most anticipated free all inclusive workshop on a successful application including how to write a statement and make a great CV with Drs. Silverman and Medical Education Advising . You will hear testimonials from successful IMGs.
Program for July 22
Tips for CARMS and MLPIMG aplication
Successful client who matched in MLPIMG testimonial and advice to candidates
Personal statement workshop
10 min sample of NAC and EE courses- live demo

We will offer to all participants a package for complete application and interview. Join our program and our success stories and
Space is limited reserve yours by sending an email to Dr. Rosalind Silverman at and bring a valid ID and school card

We will also feature our courses and our advising program
1. Application advising (CV, statement, 40 projects to increase impact of application, references)
2. Courses offered by Medical Education Program
• NACOSCE, QE1, QE2, CASPer, USMLEs, TDM, CAPP, IELTS intensive courses
3. Interview preparation course-the most successful in Canada 1month long 3 h a week
4. Clinical research, telemedicine, health informatics, pharmaceutical research courses 2 month once a week evening courses $788
#MLPIMG, #CARMS, #personal statement, #residency matching NACOSCEprep, #USMLEprep, #MCCEEprep, #MCCQEprep


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