ALS campaign

Medical Education Advising Flowers for Cures Global project- ALS campaign
In June some of Medical Education Program premedical students and clinical research course IMG students increased awareness about ALS. Pragash, an IMG from our clinical research course presented his research on novel biomarkers for ALS, Farigol was the team leader for the event, Adrienne, an IMG from our clinical research course who got a job as research coordinator for ALS at Sunnybrook, shared her research and Drs. Silverman presented the Flowers for Cures global project and diseases awareness campaign and shared the diseases awareness brochure created by their premed student Morisson who will start residency in psychiatry at UCSD! Everyone was dressed in blue and seeds of cornflower (symbol for ALS) and brochures about ALS were distributed in the community. Let’s join efforts to find a cure for ALS! Like our page and join our Flowers for Cures project!

Medical Education Advising celebrates cultural diversity day

Celebration of Culture & Diversity
Medical Education Program premedical students and IMGs celebrated our cultural diversity with music, dance, costumes and food from around the globe. There was a henna station, Chinese paper cutting, dances from India. We all took part in dance classes with instructors from Dominican republic! The maple leaf is made of pictures are of actual students of Medical Education Program who finished our premedical or postbac program and got accepted into medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, podiatry, and other health care schools. Their family or ancestors are from 150 different countries around the globe

Prostate and indigenous health campaign

Premedical students and IMGs from Medical Education Program participated in Indigenous day festival .They also met with Mayor Tory. We have several projects on indigenous health. Join our programs and make a difference in your city, country  and around the world! Premedical students and IMGs from Medical Education Program donated and advocated in support of Prostate cancer Campaigns on Father dayprostateindigenous

Premedical, postbaccalaureate, IMG program Open House

Are you interested in medicine? dentistry? veterinary medicine? Pharmacy? DO?Do you need pre-requisite courses to apply to American schools? or a postbacalaureate program to increase your chances to get into medical or dental school? Come to our open house on July 8th 2018 10am-12pm at 67 Yonge street, 4th floor and visit our beautiful campus in downtown Toronto.

Medical Education Program  is the only institution in Canada that offers programs from medical school summer camp to residency matching. We offer

  1. the only accredited postbacalaureate program in Canada with 100% acceptance: our students were accepted into medical, dental, pharmacy schools at University of Toronto, Queen’s University, McMaster University, Western University, U of Detroit Mercy, Wake Forrest, Central Michigan, South California, Temple, Albany, Australian schools, UK schools, and top Caribbean schools

see some of our alumni at

  1. the only premedical program with direct acceptance without MCAT into medical, dental, veterinary, chiropractic schools –our students got 2 million dollars in scholarships from our partner schools in the past 4 years
  2. all prerequisites for medical, dental, DO, pharmacy and other health care schools accepted by 110 partner schools in Canada, USA, and international
  3. medical school summer camp –where you can learn everything about medicine
  4. all courses for residency matching
  5. the most successful advising for application to medical and professional schools and for residency matching for international medical graduates IMG and CSA in Caanda see some of our amazing success stories
  6. Financing for professional schools by the best banks in Canada

Please register at indicating your name, phone, school attended, year of study, and program of interest

Please bring a valid school ID or driver’s license

1 min from Yonge/King station, near Union Go station

Refreshments servedmea diversity

Integrating International medical graduates in the Canadian healthcare system

In 2009 Dr. Lorelei Silverman and Dr. Rosalind Silverman received the prestigious Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Awards together with 2 governor generals and others who made important contributions to Canada. Drs. Silverman were selected for their contribution to science, increasing the diversity of medical students, and integration of foreign trained physicians into the Canadian healthcare system. 10 years after it was first initiated, they were invited to celebrate alongside 2018 winners!
June 2018 Drs. Lorelei and Rosalind Silverman were invited as keynote speakers at the Conference on Integration of Foreign Trained professionals. They shared their story and how their company Medical Education Program helps foreign trained doctors to integrate into the Canadian health care system. Let’s all do our part to make sure no doctor drives a cab in Canada! Join the “ I care! Do you?” campaign! Researchers from York University, one of Drs. Silverman alma mater initiated the conference.

Flowers for Cures 100in 1 day

Medical Education Program

Flowers for Cures project was among the 100 projects selected for the Global project taking place once a year around the globe! So proud to be part of a global movement aimed at improving lives ad cities around the globe. We increased awareness about diseases and supported patients, families, and medical research

Flowers for Cures project -Brochures created by Medical Education Program’s  Premedical, predental, preveterinary students and IMGs, giveaway of seeds and flowers in the community as symbol of hope100 in 1 day