All you need to know about medical, dental. vet, DO, pharmacy, optometry schools in USA

Getting ready to apply to US medical, dental, vet, pharmacy, DO schools? Do you need prerequisite courses or application advising? Come to our free workshop and learn everything you need to know to apply successfully! See  our success stories and become the next one!

Medical Education Advising invites you to

“How to get into US medical, DO & other health care schools” Free workshop

April 20th, 2018  6-8 pm 67 Yonge street 4th floor Register


Overview of 2018 application to US schools

Accelerated  (1 month long)  MCAT based prerequisite courses offered by MEA to meet the US deadline

Tips, strategies for a successful application

Success stories and Q&A

Medical Education Advising

  • Offers:prerequisite courses MCAT based for 110 medical, dental, vet, chiropractic, pharmacy schools in USA, Canada, UK, Caribbean, Australia
  • premed,and postbac program (the only in Canada)
  • 100% acceptance with 1.85 million dollars scholarships in 2015-2017
  • the most successful advising company for medical application (PS, ABS, CV, references)
  • CASPer and interview prep (panel, MMI, MPI, PBL)
  • licencing exams MCCEE, QE1, QE2, NACOSCE, USMLE

workshop us


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