More IMG success stories for Medical Education Advising

Workshop March 5, 2018 on successful residency matching with some of the many Medical Education Advising’s successful IMGs in 2018. We were so happy to help each and every of you in your successful journey to residency with application or interview prep, NAC or MCCEE, QE or CASPer, IELTS and we are so proud of you! More great news from our other IMG coming every day! Looking forward to the MLPIMG and US match! See more success stories and testimonials at
Anna from Russia/ Poland OBGYN Uof T
Merihan from Egypt OBGYN UofT
Aysha from Pakistan Family medicine Ontario
Veli from Bulgariain UK
Hassan from Iraq in UK
Neila L from Tunisia in U Montreal Family med
Laura Nunez from Paraguai in U Montral Family med
Raj K from India Fam med BC
Nusrat from Bangladesh Fam med UBC
Atoosa Z from Iran NOSM fam med
Sayeda M, from Bangladesh Fam med Western
Karishma D , from India Fam med BC
Elham from Iran , Saskatchewan
Arash V, from Iran, Western fam med
…..and so many more
Some testimonials from the workshop
“I’ve participated in your workshop tonight. First of all, I would like to thank you for sharing your advices with us. I’m happy that I have met you.“ Zama
“Thank you so much for hosting the workshop yesterday. I learned so much. Vanoresidency

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