Tips for residency matching workshop

  • Tips for successful residency matching FREE WORKSHOP with MEA and IMGS that matched
    Date: March 5th, 2018 6-9 pm Toronto campus 67 Yonge street, 4th floor
    Free registration at Bring a valid driver’s licence for registration
    6-7 Learn tips for successful residency matching
    7-8 Hear successful stories form our IMGs (2 speakers who matched in Obstetrics (Poland/Russia and Egypt) and 2 in family medicine (Peru and India/Russia) Our clients matched in OBGYN, family, psychiatry, pedicatrics, psychiatry and come from 58 countries around the world.
    8-9 Learn strategies for a successful second iteration application
    CDM intensive review coming up-space is limited –contact us to register
    Improve your chances of a successful second iteration application by having your CV, statement, application reviewed, reference consultation and interview with the best advisers in the field!  the most successful advising company for residency matching and medical application (personal statement, CV, references, 40 projects to increase the impact of your application)
     MCCEE, QE1, QE2, NACOSCE, USMLE courses
     CASPer and interview prep (panel, MMI, MPI, PBL)
     Clinical research, telemedicine, health are management courses from accredited college $588
     premed, postbac (the only in Canada), prerequisite for 110 med schools in Canada, USA, UK, Caribbean, Australia
     100% acceptance with 1.83 million dollars scholarships in 2015-2017
    #CaRMS, #IMG residency



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