CDM week-end

What an excellent day of learning! CDM week-end with medical education advising with students from Vancouver to Saudi Arabia and of course the onsite class in our downtown campus in Toronto! Join us and become our next success story see examples at

More IMGs advised by Medical Education Advising got the MLPIMG residency program

More success stories for residency matching in MLPIMG Manitoba 1 year family medicine accelerated program for IMGs helped by Medical Education Advising So happy to say that Samina Majid from Pakistan also got MLPIMG!!!!! such a great success for Medical Education Advising! Last two IMGs to get into MLPIMG (1 year family medicine residency program in Manitoba) May S and George R from Egypt…Next workshop will detail how we made our clients to be so successful. Congratulations to all! It is a great program…/edu…/imgp/familyphysiciantraining.html, check it out and let us help you to achieve quicker and easier your dream of becoming a working physician in Canada. Do not listen to the negative people! Contact us and we will help you apply to MLPIMG, CaRMS, provincial proghrams, US or UK,program. For Manitoba no residency in Manitoba necessary!

A dream of IMGs who are successful giving back to other IMGS

Tonight at the meeting with successful IMGs in toronto (half of which benefited from Medical Education Advising services and consulting, courses, and support) we were asked to offer for free 1 hour of the 3 day CDM course. Very happy to announce that you can attend the first hour on Friday for free, however you will need to register at mentioning free 1 hour.
Wish we could do it all for free. But when you offer intensive personalized prep courses, teh highest level of advising for CV, application, interview, statement, CASper etc… this becomes impossible for thousands of IMGs that would need these services. I had a dream last night 🙂 the hundreds of IMGs that are now in the system in Canada , USA, UK etc partially because of our help and who make now hundreds of thousand of dollars per year each of them to sponsor a spot for an IMG from their countries for our courses and consulting services because they remember the days they were listening to the success stories and were dreaming of being one of those and they still remember the struggle, and sacrifice, and hard work. I think it was just a dream…..qe1

Congratulations to Sharon for getting into med school

Congratulations to medical Education advising student Sharon who got into Wake forrest Medical school in USA……..Sharon completed several prerequisites in a short postbac program with us. We are beyond thrilled with your accomplishments and so proud of you! So really happy to help you with your application for US med schools!sharon