let’s match!

Very disappointed to hear at yesterday’s conference for IMGs how Health Force Ontario, several bridge programs from Canadian universities and other government and NGO agencies were all projecting an environment in which it is OK for IMGs not to match, in which one should seek alternative careers before even trying. There was NOT A SINGLE IMG who match invited to speak at a 1000 participants event!!!!!!!!!!!! Instead all speakers were unmatched IMGs who got alternative careers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All these entities should put their efforts together to establish proven pathways and help the IMGs get their Canadian licence!!!!! Today we will have a booth at which we will present what Medical Education Advising has created to support IMGs to get a licence: the best exam prep course, 1 month long bridge courses under 600$ to get excellent jobs (such as clinical research or telemedicine -most IMGs get the job before finishing the co-op), 40 biomedical projects to do research get publications and posters, the most extensive network of IMGs who help each other. Let’s change this status quo and make success the norm and not failure!!!

QE1 and CDM

QE1 power prep

Getting prepared for the Medical Licensing Exams in Canada and/or US (EE, QE1, Step 2, or 3)?

Super intensive and interactive courses are coming back to back on the weekends ahead:

-Sat & Sun March 24th & 25th : Ob/Gyn 250$ for both days

-Long weekend Fri, Sat & Sun March 30th & 31st & April 1st reviewing the most important and high-yield topics of all the chapters and CDM cases (Clinical Decision Making)

300$ for 3 days

10.30am-8.30pm Standardized Eastern Time

We also stream live on Skype

Seats are limited. For registration, email: info@medschoolimg.comqe1


2 more great success stories today from Medical Education Advising`www.medschoolimg.com postbaccalaureate students Sharon  who got into medical schools in USA and wil go to Wake Forrest and Melissa who got accepted into Ross and MUA…Looking forward to more great news this week from USA schools and May intake in partners

QE1 prep

QE1 Power prep Medical Education Advising www.medschoolimg.cominfo@medschoolimg.com

CDM with the experts March 30, March 31, April 1 10:30-8 every day, $300

QE1 General Surgery March 17&18 10:30-8 every day $250

QE1 ObGyn March 24 & 25 10:30-8 every day $250

Yonge & King downtown campus 1 min from King station and 5 min from Union Go stationQE1 Power prep

More IMG success stories for Medical Education Advising

Workshop March 5, 2018 on successful residency matching with some of the many Medical Education Advising’s successful IMGs in 2018. We were so happy to help each and every of you in your successful journey to residency with application or interview prep, NAC or MCCEE, QE or CASPer, IELTS and we are so proud of you! More great news from our other IMG coming every day! Looking forward to the MLPIMG and US match! See more success stories and testimonials at http://www.medschoolimg.com/success-stories-residency-imgs-and-csas
Anna from Russia/ Poland OBGYN Uof T
Merihan from Egypt OBGYN UofT
Aysha from Pakistan Family medicine Ontario
Veli from Bulgariain UK
Hassan from Iraq in UK
Neila L from Tunisia in U Montreal Family med
Laura Nunez from Paraguai in U Montral Family med
Raj K from India Fam med BC
Nusrat from Bangladesh Fam med UBC
Atoosa Z from Iran NOSM fam med
Sayeda M, from Bangladesh Fam med Western
Karishma D , from India Fam med BC
Elham from Iran , Saskatchewan
Arash V, from Iran, Western fam med
…..and so many more
Some testimonials from the workshop
“I’ve participated in your workshop tonight. First of all, I would like to thank you for sharing your advices with us. I’m happy that I have met you.“ Zama
“Thank you so much for hosting the workshop yesterday. I learned so much. Vanoresidency