Prerequisites, postbac and premed program-reach your dreams!

You always wanted to be a doctor but your low GPA or lack of a science prerequisites prevents you to apply successfully for med school, dental school, optometry, vet, pharmacy, DO, and other health schools? Are you a high school students who does not want to waste an average of 7 years to get in med school or other health care professional schools?  Our undergraduate program can help you reach your dreams! Medical Education Advising www.medschooliMG .com offers all science prerequisites, the only postbac program in Canada and a 92 credit premedical program in our campus in downtown Toronto. Our admission is rolling and you can join us now to meet the admission requirements for June 1st US medical school application. As you know with every day after June 1st your chances diminish. Our courses are MACT based so you can also prepare for MCAT at the same time if you need to take it in the summer! We also offer all course prep for NACOSCE, USMLE, MCCEE, QE and CaRMS application advising and interview if you decide to study abroad.

We offer:

  • All prerequisite courses accepted by several Canadian schools, over 70 US schools that accept Canadians and top Caribbean schools. Courses are MCAT based and transcripts are verified by AMCAS and AACOMAS.
  • Postbaccalaureate program (we have the first and only program in Canada) to improve GPA and competitiveness. The number of courses varies from 1 to as many as you need to become competitive and is highly personalized for your targeted schools
  • Transfer for first, second, third and 4th year students toward our 92 credit program with direct acceptance to medical school enables you to start fresh a new undergraduate degree while saving the money and time you invested
  • Transfer from our 92 credits into a BSc degree in USA (enables you to get an excellent GPA, personalised education, preparation for MCAT and to apply to over 70 schools in USA and Canada after graduating)
  • Application and interview advising
  • 92 credit premed program with direct acceptance into med, vet , chiropractic school-no MCAT required
  • Clinical research certificate 1 month long + internship

Our Pre-medical/postbaccalaureate credit program in Canada is delivered in downtown Toronto at Yonge and King campus and has over 110 partner schools in Canada, USA and globally including 70 American medical schools We also have an office in New York, USA.

We had 100% acceptance in medical schools in 2015-2017 and 1.8 million dollars in scholarships from our partner schools. Read success stories at


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