Medical Education Advising the year in review 2017


Greetings from Toronto,

As we start a new year 2018 we take this opportunity to wish all our partners a Happy

New Year, joy, happiness, and success. We hope that you will be surrounded by peace, family and love this holiday season!

2017 was an excellent year for our Premedical Program as our enrolment increased and we continue to have 100% acceptance with 1.8 million dollars in scholarships from our partner schools from 2015-2017.

2017 brought significant changes to Medical Education Advising’s   premedical program

We continue to expand and we presently deliver the program at a new location at Yonge and King right in the heart of downtown Toronto.


We renewed and expended our valued partnership with more than 110 med, vet, dental, DO, optometry, pharmacy, chiropractic, life science and health studies programs in Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Caribbean, South America, etc.

In 2017 we lived by our motto Excellence and diversity in education and we are proud to count students from 70 different ethnic backgrounds. We expanded our partnerships in China, Thailand, Nigeria, Korea, India, Turkey, etc.

Our Medical School summer camp was attended by an increased number of students. We are also proud about our innovative Clinical Research certificate course in which our students got jobs before graduating and our new collaborative partnerships in clinical research and consulting helped our IMGs in their professional careers and residency matching. We participated in numerous education fairs in Canada and abroad and educated the students about pathways for medical and health care schools as well as were invited to present at high school fairs.


We continue the legacy of excellence in teaching and without the dedication of our faculty who go beyond their duties to prepare the students not only for their courses for admittance to med school but also for MCAT and licensing exams.


We also incorporated more training courses  for residency matching (USMLE, NAAC, EE, QE1, QE2, IELTS) as Medical Education Advising continue to be the most successful company in IMGs licensing. We got interviews in all the specialties our IMGs applied for and look forward to many many success stories in 2018.

As we are a teaching site for Albany Pharmacy, students from Albany Faculty of Pharmacy and U of Toronto at Scarborough were supervised for biomedical research projects. We continued our advocacy in the community at Science rendezvous and 101 Flowers for Cures. Mental healthacross the globe project was presented at a CME conference in Toronto and our global research projects span now 130 countries!!!!

Our efforts and accomplishments were rewarded and deans Silverman received the Canada 150 award for extraordinary contribution to increase the diversity of the medical education in Canada and integration of foreign trained physicians.

We hope that working with forward thinkers from vision to conception and to implementation we will be able to raise the new generation of physicians who will make a difference in the community and the world. #premed, #premedical, #IMG, # CASPER, #ResidencyCaRMS, #medicalschool #medschool #postbac, #prerequisites, #predental, #prepharmacy, #prevet. #preoptometry, #NACOSCE, #MCCEE, #QE1, #USMLEpremed toronto1premed toronto2premedtoronto3


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