Strategies to improve my chances of getting into med school, dental school, vet, optometry, pharmacy school


Did you apply before and did not get in? Low scores in MCAT or GPA ? Do not have all prerequisite courses? Non-traditional applicant?  First time applying? This workshop is for you! Come to our FREE 3 hour interactive workshop to learn about innovative strategies to improve your CARS section in MCAT, the FIRST AND ONLY postbaccalaureate program in Canada, tips to increase the impact of your application and activities that  create stellar applications, the does and don’ts of the  interview. Give yourself  a (second) chance to get in!

By Medical Education Advising-  your path to success

6:30-7:00  Tips to  improve your CARS score, best resources

7:00 -7:30 The first & only postbaccalaureate program in Canada and prerequisites accepted by 110 schools

7:30-8:00  Strategies to increase the impact of my application

8:00-8:10  Refreshment break

8:10-8:30  Success stories of reapplying

8:30-9:00  Interview practice

9:00–9:10 Clinical research (64h onsite /online) course with co-op

9:10-9:30  Q&A regarding your application status

  • Register for our prerequisite and postbac courses
  • Join our motivating MCAT study groups and unparalleled network
  • Get application advising for second iteration
  • Prepare for your interview (panel, MMI, MPI) with best coaches
  • Take a clinical research certificate

Registration: RSVP to

When: December 4th     6:30pm-9:30 pm

Where: 67 Yonge street  4th floor , near King subway


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