AMCAS and AACOMAS verified our prerequisite courses for admission to medical and DO schools in USA

AMCAS and AACOMAS accept courses from Medical Education Advising premedical and postbaccalaaureate program as wella s individual prerequisite courses If you are interested to apply to American medical and DO schools and you miss any prerequisite please contact us . Our students started to receive secondaries. For a list of partner American schools go to

Medical Education Advising www.medschooliMG .com and UMHS

Medical Education Advising is the only postbac/prerequisite course program in Canada, located in downtown Toronto. We offer all prerequisite courses for our medical, dental, pharmacy, optometry partner schools in USA. Visit our website to learn about program and our success stories. 100% acceptance in 2015-2017. Our alumni were awarded  1,4 million dollars in scholarships from our partners for medical schools. Please visit our alumni page

150 years of medical discoveries poster by Medical Education Advising students

Students of Medical Education Advising who are also members of Models of Human Diseases Club at UofT were invited to create a poster (at the back) about 150 years of medical discoveries in Canada that was presented at Science Rendezvous fair at University of TorontoIMG_2960 (1)