Congratulations to Medical Education Advising MEA first graduate to be accepted in a Canadian medical school

Congratulations to the first student from Medical education Advising MEA to get accepted into a Canadian medical school . Hissan Butt, a graduate of University of Toronto, St. George’s campus with a who completed his prerequisite courses with us was accepted into Queen’s University School of Medicine in Ontario and  Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland-Medical University of Bahrain. He was also accepted into St. George University School of Medicine with $80,000 scholarship. Hissan was on the Dean’s list  and had a 4 GPA. Congratulations to Gabriel Menna who was accepted into St. George’s U School of  Medicine with a $54,000 scholarship. Gabriel, a graduate of Psychology program at York University completed a postbaccalaureate program with us and was the recipient of our “Leadership award”. Congratulations to recent successful applicants who are MHD members or MEA clients who got in medical school at U of Toronto Monali Ray, Tahsin Khan, McMaster Matthew Newman, medical school U of T Juliet Shao, Chan Mi Lee and Sympascho Young in Western, Chidinma Nwakalor in St George U med school , Mohammad Khan in Xavier U school of medicine, Nadine Narain OT at U of Toronto, Yasothara Gunaratnam IMG from Sri Lanka for matching in residency in Manitoba! Look forward to hear from more students and IMGs!


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