medical Education Advising premedical postbac

Free workshop for residency matching brought to you by Medical education Advising the number one residency matching and medical school advising company.
Do you plan to apply sometimes in the future for residency matching in Canada or USA or med schools in Canada, USA or Caribbeans? Did you apply already and were not successful? This workshop is for you as it teaches you early on how to apply successfully! You will get a wealth of information and tips how to be successful in preparing a successful application, preparing for exams. You will meet with successful IMGs who matched in 2017 as well as learn about our Bridge program from IMG to employment!
Open to all students and IMG residency applicants. Please register at  If you are not able to attend after registering please notify us.
Please bring a valid driver’s license for registration verification.


6:30 -7:30How to prepare a successful application for residency matching (personal statement, CV, references)
7:30-8:00 Tips for great scores in MCCEE (MCQ), QEI (MCQ and CDM), step 2 CK USMLE
8:00-8:50 Successful IMGs in 2017 panel -Our journey to matching in residency in 2017-Meet IMGs who are success stories of Medical Education Advising

8:50-9:00 International Medical Graduates Bridging program to healthcare professions (9 certificates available)
We will also have information available about the pre-medical/postbaccalaureate program created by Medical Education Advising with direct acceptance into medical, chiropractic, dental, veterinary, optometry, DO, pharmacy and other health care programs. We offer prerequisite MCAT and USMLE based courses and the first Canadian postbaccalaureate program that can increase your GPA. We have over 100 partner schools in Canada (McGill), in USA .

With over 20 years of residency and medical school advising we have the tools to guide you to success!


International Medical Graduates Bridging program to healthcare professions
1. Application prep course (Advising on CV, statement, references, interview prep, leadership and community service, CMEs)
2. Clinical research certificate
2. Translational and biomedical research certificate
3. Teaching dossier for health care professions certificate
4. Medical liaison certificate
5. Pharmaceutical sales certificate
6. Bioinformatics and Data Management in healthcare certificate
7. Healthcare NGO fundraising certificate
8. Healthcare management certificate
9. Regulatory affairs in pharmaceutical industry certificate
10. USMLE I, II and III prep courses
11. NACOSCE prep course
12. MCCEE, MCQEI, II prep courses
13. IELTS and TOEFL preparation/communication for healthcare professionals


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