Congratulations for matching in residency in Canada and USA to clients of Medical Education Advising Consulting MEA

Match results started to pour in! New match announcements every hour! Congratulations to our IMG from our advising company MEA Medical Education Advising
We were so happy to be there for you all the way to success!
Caitlin Yee Queen’s U Psychiatry- from Toronto/Irish med school
Irina Israt Family in British Columbia- Bangladesh med school
Emily Fisher Pediatrics U of Toronto/Sick Kids- from BG/ UK med school
Erinei Hanna London Familyfrom Egypt med school
Shahnaz Shirin Western Family- from Pakistan med
Sahar Tabatabavakili, Internal Medicine U of T- from Iran med school
Mohammed Al-Juboori internal medicine department New York Medical College-
Ghassem Boland Manitoba- from Iran/Hungary med school
Nura Rohani Western- from Iran/Yemen med school
Still waiting for many many more to report success!!
“Thanks for being with me helping me and guiding me through all ups and downs of this pathway. Words are not enough to express my feeling. With the kindest regards,” Sahar Tabatabavakili, MD-MPH Matched internal medicine U of Toronto
“Thank you so much for your time and help.I would never forget what you have done for me.”
“Thank you for all of your guidance. I matched to u of Toronto sick kids hospital for pediatrics residency :))))!!!!Your help was much appreciated and really calmed my nerves.Thank you thank you!” Emily
“Dear Drs. Silverman, I matched to UBC family medicine :). Thank you for helping me…Best regards”,Irina Israt
“I matched to Queen’s Psychiatry! Very excited! Thank you your help with the interview prep!”All the best, Cait
“Thank you so much Drs Silverman for all your efforts and support! I really appreciate it so much” Eriney Hanna London, Ontario Familymedicine
“By the grace of Almighty matched in western.Thank you so much for all the help and support and encouragements throught the difficult time.” shahnaz Shahnaz
We wish luck to our next rounds on interviews in teh special prgrams in Manitoba to Maryam Samina and Gulaid and Sul and of course to the many clients who are now waiting for USA match! We are planning a workshop in which our clients will share their inspiring stories.

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