Free interview prep for medical school application for all-the first free open source in Canada and USA for residency matching

Medical Education Advising MEA the most successful consulting company for medical school application and residency matching launches Free Interview Open Source! We aim to create the largest free database of panel and MMI interview questions for medical school with answers, comments, suggestions and input from interviewers and students. Have your answers edited by experts for free! Medical Education Advising is committed to support equal access for all to medical education! Preparation for medical admission has become prohibitive for many students. Drs. Silverman, the founders of the company and creators of the first pre-medical/postbaccalaureate program in Canada with over 100 partner medical schools are recipients of the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants awards for their work to integrate international medical graduates in the Canadian health care system and for helping thousands of premedical students reach their aspirations to become doctors. They have reshaped how premedical education is done in Canada and now they give back to the student community!Share them with anyone who has an upcoming interview and let’s build a network of FREE advice and support!

Let’s start with a warm up of a few questions and create the largest open source of FREE interview prep and mock interview sessions, tips, and practice for Canadian and American medical school interviews


Long questions

Why do you want to apply to medical school?

Why should we select you?

Why did you apply to our school?

What are some of the qualities of a good doctor?

Tell me about yourself.


+/- questions

What are your strengths?

What would you like to change/correct about you?

What are you often criticized for?

What is your biggest accomplishment?

What is your biggest failure? regret?

Behavioral questions


Give an example when you showed leadership

Give an example when you worked well in a team

Give an example when you were criticized

Give an example when you had to negotiate

Give an example of a conflict you solved



Would you treat an illegal immigrant?

What is your opinion on buying organs for transplantation?

Would you recommend HPV vaccine to a catholic school?

How would you persuade an old age woman who needs supervision to go to a nursing home if she is against this idea?


Health care

What is your opinion on Obama care?

How would you increase the number of rural based doctors?

What is the main health care problem in Canada?

What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?



Where do you see yourself in 7 years?

What specialty do you want?

What would you do if you do not get into med school?



How did you get clinical experience?

How do you study? What type of learner are you?

What is your ideal medical program education?

What would you change about your education?

What course you regret not taking?


Validation questions

What fruit would you like to be?

Who is your mentor?

What is the last book you read?

What is a good day for you?

What would you do with 1,000000 $ when you have 1 day to live?



How do you establish life-work balance?

What are your hobbies?

What makes you laugh? happy?

How do you cope with stress?



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