Mock interview for residency matching and Congratulations

Despite the snow storm on December 15 the interview preparation for CARMS brought to you by Medical Education Advising continued see pic below. IMGs and CSAs as well as pre-med students practiced MMI, panel And MPI interviews the free workshop lasted 6 hours. Looking forward for the next ones and to continue the past 20 years of the most successful advising company for IMGs and pre-meds for interview and application
Congratulations to Medical Education Advising  alumni Kristyn Dale accepted in St. Georges U, AUC, Ross U with $30,000 in scholarships & $161,600 Sir John Cox scholarship, Isabella Graham into St. George’s with $64, 000 scholarships and Ross U with $24,000, Mian Hammas into AUA, Saba, St. George, MUA with $25,000 scholarship from AUA Acemark Pellos in MUA, and Hina Javed in UMHS and St. Matthews U, Ajayvir Purewal in UMHS, Nadia Salamat in AUA with USD20,000 scholarship, Arooj Malik in AUA with USD, Liron Lashevsky in St Matthews U, Hina Haq in Ross U, Chris Singh in AUA and UMHS, Florence adeyemo in AUA and UMHS. Medical Education advising students won in 2015-2016 $1,369,786 in scholarships.

Student of the week. Liron Lashevsky-Coming from a family with many generations of doctors , Liron is set to deliver excellent care to his patients. He is a champion of global medical missions having lived and travelled in many countries. A former Calvin Klein model in his youth Liron present’s hobbies are medical research and learning about civilizations around the globe


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