free workshop for residency matching and medical school interview

Everything you wanted to know about the interview for residency matching, medical or dental school in Canada and USA! Free workshop brought to you by the most successful advising company for residency matching and medical school application Medical Education Advising  See profile of our past clients and read their testimonials! All of our advisers have been interviewers and or are in the selection committees of universities from Canada and USA and many have over a decade of advising experience. Become a next success story!

Come to our free monthly workshop on December 15, 2016 to learn about panel, open, closed and mixed, MMI and MPI interviews strategies and tips! We will start the workshop with a section in which you will learn all aspects of the panel interview; type and structures of interviews, physical and mental preparation, how to act during the interview, how to approach general, behavioral, and validation questions, ethics, healthcare and medical-legal ones, how to deal with stress-test interviews, how to differentiate yourself and make a strong, positive impression on the panel, strategies and common mistakes in MMI and MPI stations, what to ask during the interview, what to do after the interview. Then there will be an extensive mock interview session. Members of the audience are invited to practice the panel, MPI, and MMI interview and get personalized input on their interview skills.

We will also have a short information session about the pre-medical/postbaccalaureate program created by Medical Education Advising with direct acceptance into medical, chiropractic, dental, veterinary, optometry, DO, pharmacy and other health care programs. You will also learn about our prerequisite MCAT and USMLE based courses and our postbaccalaureate program that can  increase your GPA. We have over 100 partner schools in Canada (McGill), USA (mainland and offshore).

We will also announce our 3 day summer camp where you can finish your medical school or residency application.

Open to all students and IMG residency applicants. Please register at If you are not able to attend after registering please notify us

Please bring a valid driver’s licence for registration verification


Date: December 15th,2016


6:15 pm “Winning strategies and tips to help you master the panel and MMI interview”- Drs Silverman

7:15-7:30 Overview of the pre-medical/postbaccalaureate program

7:30-9:30 Panel interview practice with IMGs and students in audience-open to all

With over 20 years of residency and medical school advising we have the tools to guide you to success!


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