Congratulations to Medical Education Advising and Royal Crown College

More great news for Royal Crown pre-med/postbac students and our  Medical Education Advising http://www.medicaleducationadvising .com clients . The 100% acceptance into medical schools, dental, pharamacy and other schools continued for the past week and the money count for scholarships received by our students reached 1,317,760!!! And counting as we have a few more students who applied! We just heard from Kristyn Dale accepted in St. Georges U, AUC, and Ross U with $161,600 Sir John Cox scholarship that she also won the 59,000 scholarship from St George’s and 31,500 from Ross and Mian Hamams who got in St George’s, AUA, Saba and got a 31000 scholarship from AUA. Hina Haq was accepted into Ross.

Congratulations to Royal Crown College pre-med program alumni who were accepted in medical schools Isabella Graham who got accepted into St. George’s U with $64, 000 scholarships and Ross University with $24,00,  Acemark Pellos in MUA, and Hina Javed inUMHS and St. Matthews U. Silvia George for getting into residency in family medicine program in Manitoba, and to Nur Rahmani and Thashali Anthoni for getting into Saba and Ross University respectively.


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