Congratulations to Royal Crown College students who got in med school

Congratulations to Royal Crown College Chidinma Nwakalor who got in AUC and St George’s U School of Medicine with 54,000 International Peace Scholarship and 3 students who got in AUA with 25,000 scholarship Suhyun An and 20,000 scholarships Grant Lai , and Jacinda Liburd. See the alumni page  at for details

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Congratulations to Royal Crown College Chidinma Nwakalor who got in AUC and St George’s U School of Medicine with 54,000 International Peace Scholarship, Suhyun An (Joana ) who got into AUA with 25, 000 scholarship, Razina Gilao in AUA, Azadeh Bojmehrani in St. George’s U school of Medicine, to Valoir clients and to MHD members Julieta Lazarte  MD/PhD in Western U and Lisa Tran  in U Waterloo School of Optometry

Observatorul publishes an article about Royal Crown College’s pre-med program-Medical and health care education for the 21st century – Education institutions from Canada, USA, and China join their effort to create novel pathways to create global leaders in healthcare

With a growing aging population and the long duration of postsecondary training (9 to 19 years for a physician), the demand for physicians and other health care professionals (nurses, dentists, pharmacists, public health professionals, etc.) has intensified. Many countries around the globe are already experiencing shortages in both primary and specialty care that pose a real risk to patients as longer waiting time is needed to access the care.

To address this problem now so that patients have access to the care they need in the future Dr. Lorelei Silverman and Dr. Rosalind Silverman, recipients of Top 25 Canadian Immigrant award in recognition of their dedication to science and work to integrate the foreign trained health care professionals in Canada and the USA through their medical and residency application advising company Valoir Academic Consulting, did not wait and created the first pre-medical/postbaccalaureate/ residency matching comprehensive program.

What do Canadian students with an African American background, a former Nigerian refugee, two Jewish ladies with a background in Music and Business, three mothers of young children, a South Korean and a Taiwanese international student, 3 students from the USA with full sport scholarships, and dozens of Queen Elizabeth scholar students from the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and South Asian Torontonian communities have in common? Many are the first in their families to receive a higher education who worked all through high school to save for their education, while some come from families of local or foreign born doctors. But the unifying factor is that all attend the pre-medical program at Royal Crown College and many succeeded in attaining their dreams of becoming medical students and ultimately doctors.

The classic profile of a successful pre-medical student who is a third generation of established family of doctors who did not need to work a day to pay for their undergraduate studies and who had an easy time finding shadowing or research positions or paying for a medical global trip, is now challenged by the increase need for diversity in our health care providers. One solution is to increase the number of international healthcare graduates and the other is to create novel pathways for a more diverse local and international student population to gain access into the North American health care training system.

“Diversity and Excellence in Education” is Royal Crown’s motto. Royal Crown College with offices in Canada, USA, and UK fulfills its vision of cross-cultural learning, leading students from various ethnic, economic, and educational backgrounds on clear pathways to a successful health care career by building on their previous academic achievements and experiences. The program has over 70 partner institutions across Canada (McGill), and the USA (from Johns Hopkins to Stony Brook, and Mayo Medical School to Harvard and most of the other medical, dental, podiatric, chiropractic, pharmacy, doctor of osteopathic medicine, doctor of chiropractic medicine schools from USA that accept international students).  D’ Youville College in Buffalo, and Mount Aloysius have signed agreements with Royal Crown for their health care professions programs and accept our prerequisites, or offer direct acceptance into their 3rd year of Bachelor programs for our Pre-med college program graduates and direct acceptance into pharmacy and other health care programs for both our college division, Royal Crown College. Other partners include global leaders in medical education, such as St. George’s University, Ross University, AUC, AUA, St. Matthews University, UMHS as well as other US modeled Caribbean schools.

Royal Crown College is set to create proven pathways for medical education that are student centered, personalized, supportive, and efficient. The accelerated program incorporates both the MCAT and the USMLE (US Medical Licensing Exam) based courses preparing students for the rigors of medical education. Students are encouraged to work as a team and to foster strong professional networking opportunities.

Royal Crown’s pre-medical/postbaccalaureate program fills a void in medical education, preparing local and international medical graduates that are truly globally educated, have North American expertise, and are willing to serve the populations where they are needed most. These are students for which medicine is the only option, and for whom nothing is too late and nothing is too hard to attain their dreams. Even if the government will increase the numbers of graduates, there may never be enough doctors in underserved areas and primary care as students choose “lifestyle” specialties that offer good pay with scheduled work hours, low patient loads, above average working conditions, and typically low on-call time. Royal Crown focuses on increasing the diversity of our health care professionals (with over 75% of our students being minorities) and promoting students dedicated to make a difference, from lower socioeconomic background, newcomers, and belonging to minorities. And the efforts paid off. Its first year graduates got 100% acceptance into medical school and were awarded $330,500 in scholarships.

Acknowledging that health care is a global problem, Royal Crown College offers training opportunities to local and international students previously unattainable in Canada, the USA and globally so they can serve both the North American population of patients and address the global aspects of medicine.

With a focus on global medical education, each student at Royal Crown is involved in at least one global medical project. To date, students have carried projects all over the world: in China, Taiwan, Israel, Russia, Romania, Peru, Nigeria, Thailand, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Italy, South Africa, France, Ghana, Iran, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Somalia, Poland, France, UK, Lebanon, Albania, Syria, Dubai, Turkey, and Afghanistan, establishing Royal Crown at the forefront of applied global education creating leaders for change. Bringing the experience of the first ever online and onsite conference in Canada, Drs. Silverman are now creating the first ongoing Global medical conference that will bring together health care teams to find better solutions for global health care problems, share resources and expertise as well as design better ways to train healthcare professionals for the future.

Medical school summer camp around the corner and more success stories

Congratulations to our Valoir Consulting client Namra Minhas for getting into Pharmacy at University of Toronto and to Diviya Mamootil and Chidinma Nwakalor Royal Crown College students who took prerequisite courses with us for getting into Ross University and St George’s University and AUC respectivelly. Royal Crown is preparing for our Medical School Summer Camp . With over 300 international students and 80 local students in 6 different groups it is set to be a blast! See pictures from last year’s summer camp!Maximize your chances of getting into medical school

What are you doing this summer? Join Med School camp and create your future! Start your journey toward becoming the next successful physician!

This summer join high-achieving pre-med students and experience a dynamic camp led by doctors and exceptional pre-med academic advisers who will share a wealth of expertise and start your journey to medical school! Make friends and get leadership skills!

The summer camp is one of the extended programs of Royal Crown College of Business and Technology’s pre-medical program that is carried on in collaboration with Valoir Academic Consulting, the most successful medical school and residency advising firm in Canada.

You will learn if the medical profession fits you, build your resume in preparation for university, receive guidance for what programs and courses you should take, engage in many extracurricular activities that will enrich your resume, create your personal statement and learn how to interview for medical school acceptance, acquire many skills, and meet friends in a fun atmosphere!

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The camp takes place in an intimate, efficient, and supportive setting. You will participate in one-on-one personalized advice and interactive workshops, meet doctors and medical students, create a brochure and an awareness campaign for diseases of interest, participate in team building, communication, leadership and in many fun filled activities!

Day 1

– Build your first pre-med resume that showcases your skills and accomplishments

– Workshop on how to get scholarships that will present you at a top candidate

– Team building activities- have fun while enhancing your skills

Day 2

– Create a stellar personal statement for medical school application

– Create a disease awareness brochure and help fundraise for biomedical research

– Flowers for Cures project- participate in a global project to increase disease awareness and support patients

Day 3

– Attend a first aid course, get a certificate and learn how to apply it

– Workshop on how to get clinical experience and key medical skills

– Workshop on how to use social media for med school to stand out from the crowd

Day 4

– Workshop on how to find research opportunities in a competitive setting

– Research for Rodent models of pre-clinical testing global project-learn how to use Pubmed

– Workshop on and how to get best reference letters

Day 5

– Workshop on med school application, courses, extracurricular activities

– Workshop on medical school interview (practice your interview skills through mock MMI and panel interview)

– Meet and greet with doctors and students, learn how medical history and physical examination is performed and about the medical profession *


Dates: July 11-15 July 18-22 July 25-29

Time: The camp runs from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Location: Royal Crown College of Business and Technology, Bayview campus, 3080 Bayview Avenue, M2N 5L3

How to register:

Download summer camp application

Click on the Download application link above to download the application. Please submit your application and a cover letter stating your name, year of study, GPA, and reason for attending the summer camp to the attention of Dr. Lorelei Silverman at If selected you will receive a confirmation e-mail and instructions for payment. Once the payment is received, your seat will be confirmed. Please rank your top 3 dates you can attend the camp.

To ensure maximum outcome, only a selected number of applicants will be admitted in the camp for each session. Please apply for the next round!

Fees: $400 (includes taxes) This fantastic price does not include travel and accommodation costs for out of town students. Meals are not included. Accommodations are available at our residence hotel at extra cost for out of town camp participants.

Bring three of your friends to the camp and you can attend for free! ½ discount for recent immigrants!

A camp spot is not confirmed until full payment is received. Cancellation greater than 12 weeks will receive a 100% refund. Cancellation greater than 60 days prior to the camp date will receive a 50% refund. Cancellation no more than 30 days prior to camp date will receive no refund. Date switch requests can only be granted if another camper cancels.

All pre-medical students are welcome. They can finalize their medical application and have their personal statement, resume, and autobiographical sketch finalized for application. They will also practice mock interviews and learn about all aspects of panel and MMI interview for medical school acceptance.

We have limited space for summer camp each year as our activities are hands-on type. Apply now and enjoy an informative and fun week with us!

Highlights of the summer camp

Trace your path toward Medical School and experience the advantage of an engaging program that is a perfect blend of academic and fun activities designed to challenge and enrich your experience
Learn how to apply to medical school and what courses to take through interactive engaging lectures taught by doctors with over 10 years admission experience
Improve your skills and build up your first pre-med resume from age 16 and beyond
meet and greet with doctors, medical and pre-med students, learn about medical profession and use of social media to network and enhance your application
Get a first aid certificate and learn how to use it!
Workshops on scholarships, letters of reference, and research competitions
Create a disease awareness brochure and help fundraise for biomedical research and be part of an international medical conference team
Create your personal statement and learn about the medical school interview
Participate in fun team activities
It is never too early to start your medical school application! Medical schools ask you to list activities going back to age 16 in your application. We have, in our many years of experience, observed that those students who start preparing for medical school during the last two years of high school are consistently more successful. Students who take a proactive approach at this level maximize their chance of success, have more scholarships, participate in higher impact extracurricular activities, choose the right courses and university programs, have better academic success, and are subject to a much lower stress level when the time to apply to med school comes! Poor course selection can negatively impact your GPA or can restrict the number of schools to which you can apply. Let us give you the tools to succeed in your dream!

We partnered with Valoir Academic consulting, the leading medical school advising company in Canada, to offer you:

academic consultation for students prior to university enrollment to select programs and courses, and to draft a prerequisite course checklist
resume building programs (participation in organization of the international “Models of Human Diseases” conference, other workshops and seminars, disease awareness campaigns, Science Rendezvous participation, participation in science fairs, etc.).
selection of extracurricular activities, work, and volunteer activities
guidance in applying for scholarships and summer research programs for high school students
complete medical school application advising
Visit the Valoir Academic’s website at for more details about medical school application.

* RCCBT reserves the right to change the summer camp program at any time.