Congratulations to Medical Education Advising students who got in med school

Medical Education Advising Chidinma Nwakalor who got in AUC and St George’s U School of Medicine with 54,000 International Peace Scholarship and 3 students who got in AUA with 25,000 scholarship Suhyun An and 20,000 scholarships Grant Lai , and Jacinda Liburd. See the alumni at for details

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Medical school summer camp around the corner and more success stories of MEA Medical Education Advising


Congratulations to our Medical Education Advising MEA client Namra Minhas for getting into Pharmacy at University of Toronto and to Diviya Mamootil and Chidinma Nwakalor  students who took prerequisite courses with us for getting into Ross University and St George’s University and AUC respectively.

What are you doing this summer? Join Med School camp and create your future! Start your journey toward becoming the next successful physician!

This summer join high-achieving pre-med students and experience a dynamic camp led by doctors and exceptional pre-med academic advisers who will share a wealth of expertise and start your journey to medical school! Make friends and get leadership skills!


You will learn if the medical profession fits you, build your resume in preparation for university, receive guidance for what programs and courses you should take, engage in many extracurricular activities that will enrich your resume, create your personal statement and learn how to interview for medical school acceptance, acquire many skills, and meet friends in a fun atmosphere!


The camp takes place in an intimate, efficient, and supportive setting. You will participate in one-on-one personalized advice and interactive workshops, meet doctors and medical students, create a brochure and an awareness campaign for diseases of interest, participate in team building, communication, leadership and in many fun filled activities!

Day 1

– Build your first pre-med resume that showcases your skills and accomplishments

– Workshop on how to get scholarships that will present you at a top candidate

– Team building activities- have fun while enhancing your skills

Day 2

– Create a stellar personal statement for medical school application

– Create a disease awareness brochure and help fundraise for biomedical research

– Flowers for Cures project- participate in a global project to increase disease awareness and support patients

Day 3

– Attend a first aid course, get a certificate and learn how to apply it

– Workshop on how to get clinical experience and key medical skills

– Workshop on how to use social media for med school to stand out from the crowd

Day 4

– Workshop on how to find research opportunities in a competitive setting

– Research for Rodent models of pre-clinical testing global project-learn how to use Pubmed

– Workshop on and how to get best reference letters

Day 5

– Workshop on med school application, courses, extracurricular activities

– Workshop on medical school interview (practice your interview skills through mock MMI and panel interview)

– Meet and greet with doctors and students, learn how medical history and physical examination is performed and about the medical profession *