Congratulations to Royal Crown’s College first graduate to be accepted in a Canadian medical school

Congratulations to the first student from Royal Crown College in Toronto to get accepted into a Canadian medical school . Hissan Butt, a graduate of University of Toronto, St. George’s campus with a who completed his prerequisite courses with us was accepted into Queen’s University School of Medicine in Ontario and  Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland-Medical University of Bahrain. He was also accepted into St. George University School of Medicine with $80,000 scholarship. Hissan was on the Dean’s list at Royal Crown College and had a 4 GPA. Congratulations to Gabriel Menna from Royal Crown College  who was accepted into St. George’s U School of  Medicine with a $54,000 scholarship. Gabriel, a graduate of Psychology program at York University completed a postbaccalaureate program at Royal Crown College and was the recipient of our “Leadership award”. Congratulations to recent successful applicants who are MHD members, Valoir Academic Consulting clients, and Royal Crown College students who got in medical school at U of Toronto Monali Ray, Tahsin Khan, McMaster Matthew Newman, medical school U of T Juliet Shao, Chan Mi Lee and Sympascho Young in Western, Chidinma Nwakalor in St George U med school , Mohammad Khan in Xavier U school of medicine, Nadine Narain OT at U of Toronto, Yasothara Gunaratnam IMG from Sri Lanka for matching in residency in Manitoba! Look forward to hear from more students and IMGs! You are invited to Royal Crown College Open House on June 4th , 2016 from 9 to 10 am at 3080 Bayview Avenue uin Toronto. You can learn more about our pre-medical, postbaccalureate, and prerequisite MCAT and USMLE based
courses and tour our facilities. You can also participate in our global project Flowers for Cures part of 100 in 1 day activity that day . Please reply to this email if you want to be added to the guest list. Please come
to the south entrance where is written MCAT test center.


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