Workshop 41 on medical and dental school application in USA by Medical Education Advising MEA

You are invited to:
1. free monthly workshops- no 41 on May 26th- How to get acceptance into American medical, dental, and pharmacy schools. Everything you wanted to know about applying successfully to professional schools in USA
2. Pre-medical /postbaccalureate program with direct acceptance to medical, dental, vet, pharmacy schools at Medical Education Advising MEA overview
3. Medical School summer camp to complete your application for medical, dental, or pharmacy schools

1. How to get acceptance in to American, dental, and pharmacy schools. We will share with you a step by step guide to successful application, tips and facts from our partner medical, dental, and pharmacy schools. We have over 100 partners in USA and some offer direct acceptance or guaranteed interview for their programs. Hear testimonials from our students who got in medical and dental schools in USA.We will feature one of our partner medical schools MSIH from Negev /Columbia University in New York. There will be an info session about the program of this medical school and chance to meet their director of admission
6:00-6:30 A step by step guide to applying to medical and dental Schools in USA-Dr. Rosalind Silverman and Dr. Lorelei Silverman have over 18 years of admission experience
6:30-6:45 Overview of American partners of the pre-med/postbac program at Medical Education advising
6:45-7:30 Medical School for International Health (Negev/Columbia U) information session- Kelly Coleman, MBA, Recruitment Coordinator Medical School for International Health
7:30-9:00 Q&A, free personalized advice

2. Pre-medical /postbaccalureate program with direct acceptance to medical, dental, vet, pharmacy schools at Medical Education Advising overview
There will be also a short information session about  pre-medical and postbaccalaureate program and prerequisite courses that can increase your GPA (first such program approved in Canada) with direct admission to partner medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary, optometry, chiropractic schools. Our program is recognized by 100 prestigious medical schools (McGill, Harvard, Mayo, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, as well as provides direct entrance into medical programs at St. George’s, Ross, AUC, AUA, UMHS, etc.). For a complete list of schools that accept our pre-requisite courses visit the 

3.Medical School summer camp
You can also get information about our Medical School Summer camp where you can finish your medical school or residency application in 5 days. See details below:
Day 1 – Build your first pre-med resume that showcases your skills and accomplishments
– Workshop on how to get scholarships that will present you at a top candidate
– Team building activities- have fun while enhancing your skills
Day 2 – Create a stellar personal statement for medical or dental school application
– Create a disease awareness brochure and help fundraise for biomedical research
– Flowers for Cures project- participate in a global project to increase disease awareness and support patients
Day 3 – Attend a first aid course, get a certificate and learn how to apply it
– Workshop on how to get clinical experience and key medical skills
– Workshop on how to use social media for med school to stand out from the crowd
Day 4 – Workshop on how to find research opportunities in a competitive setting
– Workshop on and how to get best reference letters
Day 5 – Workshop on med school application, courses, extracurricular activities
– Workshop on medical school interview (practice your interview skills through mock MMI and panel interview)
– Reception with doctors and students, learn about the medical profession *