Tips for residency matching site launched by Royal Crown College

Success stories continue at Royal Crown College in Toronto! First students to get into dental school and pharmacy in our partner schools in USA! Congratulations to our first pre-dental student to be accepted in dental school! Our first students was accepted into University of Southern California School of Dentistry, Los Angeles, USA. A graduate of York University, Kinesiology who completed pre-requisites with us at Royal Crown College. Royal Crown College’s Academic Consulting helped her with her application, secondaries, and interview preparation. Our first pre-pharmacy student Lawrence Lau was accepted into Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, USA. Lawrence completed 3 pre-requisite courses with us at Royal Crown College. Hissan Butt, a graduate of U of Toronto, completed 8 pre-requisites at Royal Crown College and was on the Dean’s roll. He was accepted into St. George’s U with $80,000 scholarship and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland-Medical U of Bahrain. Radu Grovu a graduate of Pharmacology program from McGill completed his pre-requisites at Royal Crown College and received two scholarships valued at $45,000. Congratulations to Gabriel Menna from Royal Crown College for getting into St. George’s U medical school. Congratulations to all of you! Royal Crown College’s Academic Consulting helped them with their application, secondary applications, and interview preparation. Royal Crown College has launched the Tips for Residency matching in Canada and USA site where alumni of Royal Crown share their tips.

If you have your own and want to be a virtual mentor for others send us your tips and we will add them on the page! Join us on May 26 for a workshop on applying to medical and dental schools in USA and our neww parner Negev/Columbia medical school and  in the summer for a workshop on Tips for residency matching with successful clients of Valoir Academic Consulting, the premier advising company for medical and other professional school admission and for residency matching in Canada and USA


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