medical Education Advising MEA and D’Youville U sign a strategic partnership that will allow our graduates to apply to Canadian and USA medical and other health care schools

medical education advising MEA signed an agreement with D’ Youville College University in Buffalo. Our 92-credit program can get direct acceptance in year 3 of D’ Youville Bachelor of Science if they have a GPA of B or higher. Graduates from the 92 credit diploma who meet academic and admission D’Youville College University will be guaranteed priority consideration in the final admission decision to any health care programs.

This partnership will allow our students a unique opportunity to complete their pre-requisite courses with us and obtaining a BSc from D’ Youville and be able to apply to Canadian medical, dental and other health care schools as well to USA schools that require a year or more of study in USA and all USA schools that accept international students. Tuition for our students is the same as for US students and all students will receive a 20% tuition waiver and automatically reviewed  for an academic transfer student scholarship of $4000/year for GA 3-3.49 and $5000/year for GPA 3.5-4. dy.jpg


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