Free Workshop and mock MMI , MPI , and panel interview organized by Royal Crown College pre/med postbaccalaureate program and Valoir Academic Consulting

You are invited to :

  1. free monthly workshops- no 40 HOW TO ACE THE MMI -FREE MOCK MMI INTERVIEW Interview strategies, tips and practice Everything you wanted to know about the MMI interview for medical school or residency matching! Come to our free workshop on March 24, 2016!
  2. Pre-medical /postbaccalureate program with direct acceptance to medical, dental, vet, pharmacy schools at Royal Crown College overview
  3. Medical School summer camp


  1. How to ace the MMI Free mock MM interview Brought to you by: Royal Crown College Pre-med/Postbaccalaureate program www/ and Valoir  Academic Consulting


Please RSVP and reserve your practice slot at Space is limited!

Date: March 24, 2016   Time 6pm -9 p.m

Location: 3080 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, – enter through the south MCAT center entrance



We will start the workshop with a section in which you will learn all aspects of the MMI interview; type and structures of interviews in Canada and USA, physical and mental preparation, how to act during the interview, how to approach typical questions, ethics, healthcare and medical-legal ones, how to deal with stress-test interviews, how to differentiate yourself and make a strong, positive impression on the panel, common mistakes, what to ask during the interview, what to do after the interview. Members of the audience are invited to practice the MMI interview and get personalized input on their interview skills. Open to all students and IMG residency applicants.

  1. Pre-medical /postbaccalureate program with direct acceptance to medical, dental, vet, pharmacy schools at Royal Crown College overview

There will be also a short information session about Royal Crown College’s pre-medical and postbaccalaureate program and prerequisite courses that can increase your GPA (first such program approved in Canada)  with direct admission to partner medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary, optometry, chiropractic schools. Our program is recognized by 100 prestigious medical schools (McGill, Harvard, Mayo, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, as well as provides direct entrance into medical programs at St. George’s,  Ross, AUC, AUA, UMHS, etc). For a complete list of schools that accept our pre-requisite courses visit the Come visit us at Bayview and Sheppard location (3080 Bayview, south entrance adjacent to the our MCAT test center).

3.Medical School summer camp

You can also get information about our Medical School Summer camp where you can finish your medical school or residency application in 5 days. See details below:


The summer camp is one of the extended programs of Royal Crown College of Business and Technology’s pre-medical program that is carried on in collaboration with Valoir Academic Consulting, the most successful medical school and residency advising firm in Canada


Day 1   – Build your first pre-med resume that showcases your skills and accomplishments

– Workshop on how to get scholarships that will present you at a top candidate

– Team building activities- have fun while enhancing your skills

Day 2  – Create a stellar personal statement for medical school application

–  Create a disease awareness brochure and help fundraise for biomedical research

– Flowers for Cures project- participate in a global project to increase disease awareness and                support patients

Day 3  – Attend a first aid course, get a certificate and learn how to apply it

– Workshop on how to get clinical experience and key medical skills

– Workshop on how to use social media for med school to stand out from the crowd

Day 4  –  Workshop on how to find research opportunities in a competitive setting

– Workshop on and how to get best reference letters

Day 5   – Workshop on med school application, courses, extracurricular activities

– Workshop on medical school interview (practice your interview skills through mock MMI                   and panel interview)

– Reception with doctors and students, learn about the medical profession *

Dates:       July 11-15       July 18-22  (waiting list)      July 25-29 (waiting list)

Time: The camp runs from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Location: Royal Crown College of Business and Technology, Bayview campus, 3080 Bayview Avenue, M2N 5L3.

Download application from

Please submit your application and a cover letter stating your name, year of study, GPA, and reason for attending the summer camp to the attention of Dr. Lorelei Silverman at If selected you will receive a confirmation e-mail and instructions for payment. Once the payment is received, your seat will be confirmed.

Fees: $400 This fantastic price does not include travel and accommodation costs for out of town students. Meals are not included.  Accommodations are available at our residence hotel at extra cost for out of town camp participants.Bring three of your friends to the camp and you can attend for free! ½ discount for recent immigrants! All pre-medical students are welcome. This summer camp is open also to pre-medical students who want to finalize their medical application. They can have their personal statement, resume, and autobiographical sketch finalized for application as well as learn through mock interview all aspect of panel and MMI interview for medical school acceptance.


Join us in April for our next workshop!

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