Columbia, U Central Florida CM and Colorado State U CVM accept courses at Royal crown College

Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons accepts our prerequisite courses at Royal Crown College pre-medical/postbaccalaureate program and international students. Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences accepts our prerequisites courses. University of Central Florida College of Medicine accepts our prerequisites but only from US citizens or residents who took undergraduate coursework in USA.

Congratulations to Royal Crown College students

Congratulations to three more students from Royal Crown College who got accepted into medical schools!Also stay tuned about a great partnership that we signed with Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences that offer direct acceptance with no PCAT in their 6 year from high school Pharmacy program to Royal Crown students, our upcoming workshop on interview for med school and residency and our Med school summer camp!
Ahlam Bawazer is a global health champion! She has been on various global medical outreach initiatives from Africa to South America. As York U graduate, she followed to complete her prerequisites at Royal Crown College and received an acceptance into the Global Scholars program at St. George‚Äôs University School of Medicine with the prestigious Global Medicine Scholarship. Kalkidan Abebe, a graduate of University of Toronto, St. George’s campus who took courses from our postbaccalaureate program was accepted into Ross University School of Medicine with $25,000 Alumni Legacy Scholarship and $500 book scholarship. Kalkidan is also a graduate of University of Toronto, St. George’s campus. Olufisayo Ololade, a graduate of University of Western Ontario who completed her prerequisites with Royal Crown College was accepted into American University of Antigua College of Medicine and Medical University of the Americas.
We wish you the best of success!ah2654d163-32c0-4efe-8a3f-5f34afe1ab57Capture