3 more RCCBT alumni accepted into medical school

Congratulations to three more students from Royal Crown College (www.royalcrowncollege.com) who got accepted into Ross, AUA, MUA school of medicine!
Congratulations to our alumni Kalkidian Abebe, Olufisayo Ololade and Devashish Soni ! We wish you the best of success in your studies! Watch our testimonials on Royal Crown College utube channel athttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgBZoTMOh8LoPOR1pedKJFg

See below Erfan’s testimonial

“After attending just one Models of Human Disease workshop at the University of Toronto back in 2012, I was astonished at the determination and passion Dr. Lorelei and Dr. Rosalind Silverman had for helping those interested in pursuing medicine as a career. As I attended more and more workshops, I noticed whether there were high school students, undergraduates, graduates, or foreign medical graduates, Drs. Silverman knew the exact step by step strategies required to ensure a successful path for every individual. From course selection, resume building, personal statement development and all the way to interview day preparation, the consulting service is truly outstanding!

After hearing about the opening of RCCBT, I attended the open house and was immediately interested in applying for the program. The MCAT and USMLE focused curriculum were exactly what I needed as a premed! The program not only prepared me academically for medical school, but also allowed me to engage in many extracurricular activities that have helped develop my leadership skills. In addition, the program provided me the opportunity to get involved with with two teaching positions. After completing the accelerated track and being the recipient of the President’s Award, I was admitted to St. George’s University School of Medicine. Without a doubt, the one on one academic support and continuous guidance of Drs. Silverman at RCCBT were a major factor on my success. I would recommend Royal Crown and the consulting services of Drs. Silverman to any ambitious individual looking to pursue medicine.”FullSizeRender


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