Congratulations to Premedical pre-medical/postbaccalaureate program in Toronto, ONtario, Canada

Congratulations to Medical Education Advising pre-medical program graduates and MHD members! Jinyuan Wang , a graduate of University of Toronto with 3.94 GPA who completed his prerequisite courses with was accepted into medical school at St. George’s University School of Medicine with $80,000 Chancellor’s Circle Legacy of Excellence Scholarship (CCLOE) and a free trip to Grenada. Jinyuan was also accepted into Ross University School of Medicine with the highest academic scholarship- Chancellor’s Academic Achievement Award plus the Canadian Founder Scholarship award.
Jin just returned from his trip to Granada with an amazing impression about St. George’s U.

Congratulation to Tina Felfeli for getting in Uof T medical school in MD/PhD program, to Nusrat Ali for a summer internship at Teva while in law school in Ottawa, to Naushin Hooda for getting in Pharmacy school in Waterloo and Mark Wan for getting in med school in QUeensland!


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