The times of India publishes an article on the residency matching advising sessions through which Drs Silverman have helped thousand of IMGs and pre-medical students become doctors in Canada and USA

The times of India publishes an article on the residency matching advising sessions through which Drs Silverman have helped thousand of IMGs and pre-medical students become doctors in Canada and USA. For details click on the link below
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Immigrant sisters helping IMGs with workshops
Aug 22, 2014, 07.11 AM IST
Immigrant sisters Dr. Lorelei Silverman and Dr. Rosalind Silverman, winners of the Top 25 Canadian Immigrant award in 2009, have been paying their good fortunes forward by advising pre-med and pre-dental students and international medical graduates (IMGs) in interactive monthly workshops.

Every workshop welcomes successful medical students or IMGs to inspire and give hope to those who are just starting their journeys, or have failed in previous attempts. For example, the May 2014 workshop included six IMGs, six new Canadians and doctors from six different countries and three continents, each of whom gave a talk on a different women’s health issues. It offered them the opportunity to shine, to show their expertise, to feel empowered once again, to be one step closer to becoming a doctor in Canada.

“Yes, the six doctors have spoken to audiences like this before, Dr. Abeer Hegazi and Dr. Olena Polyakova, both former faculty members in their native Egypt and Ukraine respectively, are used to teaching classes of far bigger than 100 students,” says Rosalind. “Yes, both Dr. Sadia Rashid and Dr. Soumia Djirar have advised their patients on infertility issues or women’s cancers before in Pakistan and Algeria. Yes, Dr. Adeseye Soyle and Dr. Refilwe Serebale-O’Sullivan have educated the public at large and increased awareness about overcoming abuse of women and physical and psychological healing or about sexually transmitted diseases respectively. But here in Canada they are still considered foreign-trained medical doctors.”

She explains that they need to pass a series of time-consuming and financially demanding exams and do months in a row of observerships before they can apply for spots in residency matching. And then there is the very limited number that are available to IMGs. No wonder so many of them apply year after year, hoping that they will match and start to do what they have trained to do for a lifetime: to be a doctor in their new country!

“Most are lost in the process, the need to put a bread on a table is more important at times than spending many hours in a library studying for an exam; paying for a place to live takes precedence over paying the hefty exam and residency matching application fees. Many have petty jobs that make no use their education, experience and expertise,” she adds.

Both Silvermans have tried to advocate and support IMGs in integrating in Canada. As newcomers themselves, they have followed in the tradition of their father, a Harvard -trained university professor who had a long career of advising hundreds of graduate students, medical doctors and postdoctoral fellows.

They created the free workshops to help as many IMGs and pre-medical, pre-dental and pre-law students, mostly children of recent immigrants, who have limited mentorship or financial resources to pay advising companies. They also created they own advising company, Medical Education Advising MEA, that offers both free and paid services at a much reduced rate for workshop attendees. MEAalso  prepares IMGs for high-paying positions that use their medical expertise, such as medical liaison, medical information specialist, pharmaceutical sales, consulting, public health, health project management, technical writing, patent agent, NGO organization management, public health advocacy, clinical research, and more.


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