Cardiovascular disease awareness month with pre-medical students and UTSC students from Service learning and outreach course.

The Health Club  in collaboration with Models of Diseases group led by Drs. Silverman at University of Toronto carry out “Flowers for Cures” international disease awareness project. Every month we increase awareness about certain diseases and support patients affected by these diseases and fundraising for biomedical research. Pre-medical students Jinyan Wang, and Anita Mohan and U of Toronto  students  Anwar Hooda and Rochelle Pereira led the Cardiovascular awareness month and fundraising for Heart and Stroke Foundation in February. Healthy life style and smoke cessation programs were carried out as well.

Service learning and outreach course students from University of Toronto have a one semester placement with us. They participate in teaching, research, and diseases awareness projects. Congratulations Anwar Hooda and Rochelle Pereira!

Slide1 slide2.jpg


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