Congratulations for residency matching to our members

More matches from our CSA and FMG members keep coming! Congratulations to our members! Moshe Praver for matching in Neurosurgery in USA, Alex Mirzoev for matching in USA, Hakimeh Khazen from Iran for matching in family medicine in Winnipeg, Gavin Prashad from Guyana for matching in family medicine at Queen’s, to Maged Ghattas from Egypt for matching in Family Medicine at McGill, and Tina Binesh for getting into med school at U of Toronto and Karen Bai for getting accepted in many US medical schools (too many to list:-)! Dr. Faris Elsadin from Iraq just announced us he got matched in family medicine at University of Toronto! Congratulations to our members Dr. Abeer Heghazi from Egypt who matched in Pediatrics in McMaster, Dr. Sadia Rashid from Pakistan who matched in Family Medicine at U of Toronto, and Dr. Dhamitri Malin from Sri Lanka who matched in Radiology in Ottawa… We will need perhaps weekly workshops to accommodate all the matched speakers if we include also our IMGs/CSAs from Caribbean and European schools! We look forward to many workshops where our members will share their success…the next one coming up about American medical schools and successful CARMS residency matching


Medical Education Advising MEA


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