Pre-medical program with direct admission to medical school Medical Education Advising

Our 92 credit (12 months ) Pre-Medical program leads to direct admission to partner medical, dental, veterinary schools. We offer pre-requisite courses (accepted by McGill University and over 30 medical schools in USA  (refer to the website for complete list) and a fast track to medical school for nursing and other health care and science graduates who can start medical school in as little as 4 months. Our programs are available to Canadian, USA, international students. They can obtain clerkships and residency positions in US and Canadian teaching hospitals and can practice anywhere in the world. We offer ESL, TOEFL, and IELTS and EE, OSCE, and LMCC exams (QE1 and QE2) and USA USMLE Step1, Step 2 CK, and CS exams, shadowing and observership courses, and “From IMG to employment” (course with paid co-op). We advise pre-med and residency applicants on personal statement and resume, and resume building through 40 projects (Models of Human diseases conference, posters, Models of diseases pre-clinical database, Flowers for Cures, etc). Our interview,MMI, and CASPer preparation are unparalleled. Contact us at


Over 70 Medical schools from US approve the pre-requisite courses

Over 70 medical schols approve the prerequisite courses. Harvard, John Hopkins, Mayo, and almost all schools that accept Canadian students and international students approved our pre-requisite courses part of teh 92 credit pre-medical program with direct admission to medical school. Medical Education Advising MEA

Axol publishes an interview with Drs. Silverman Medical education advising MEA

Axol publishes an interview with Drs. Silverman on pre-clinical models of diseases project. Models of Human Diseases activities MEA medical education advising program with direct admission to medical school were also featured in the article. Read more at 3770202