June was PTSD awareness month

Models of Human Diseases (https://modelsofdiseases.wordpress.com)

has initiated the Flowers for Cures project with monthly awareness campaigns dedicated to a disease and a flower symbol! Each month pre-med or medical student team leaders of Models of Diseases create brochures and lead an awareness campaign for one disease. In June we supported patients with PTSD and their families and had the iris as the symbol of support.

If you want to support our campaign forward the brochure to friends and family, take pictures of flowers and share them and the brochure with a few words about Models of Diseases Flower for Cures project. Thank you! Thank you to our team leaders Ori Solomon, Morrison Steel, Anita Mohan, Dr. Sadia Rashid, Asha Sardar (3 awareness campaigns!), Nusrat Ali, Ji Dong (Karen) Bai, Robin Vigouroux, Maria Moreno (2 awareness campaigns0, Theodora Yung, Julieta Lazarte, Basma Chamas, Usman Saeed, Mima Markicevic, Shailin Gosalia, Morrison Steel, and Thiviyanath Sellathurai who have contributed up to now to Flowers for Diseases project and have created the awareness brochures! If interested to join our project contact us at modelsofdiseases@gmail.com

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