Women’s health issues workshop presented by IMGs invited by Drs. Silverman

During our May 14 workshop we had a Women’s Health Issues event at University of Toronto. The event was attended by over 100 people and a tasty reception sponsored by CUPE was offered to the audience prior to the women’d health presentations. The audience had the chance to ask questions and interact with a panel of 6 doctors invited by Drs Silverman who represented 6 different countries. All presenters are oustanding International Medical Graduates who apply for residency matching in Canada. We started the workshop with an engaging presentation by Dr. Abeer Hegazi who talked about challenges faced by new mothers and solutions that can be implemented to manage them. The next presentation was by Dr. Sadia Rashid who increased our awareness about infertility issues and led the infertility section of Flowers for Cures campaign initiated by Drs Silverman and Models of Diseases at University of Toronto. Dr. Olena Polyakova eloquently introduced the audience to the challenges of autism posed both for children, their parents, and society at large. Our next speaker was Dr. Soumia Djirar who presented a variety of cancer that affect women followed, causes and current treatment and by Dr. Refilwe Serebale-O’sullivan who spoke about sexually transmitted infections, and most efficient preventive methods. We ended the panel presentations with Dr. Adeseye Soyle and a moving presentation about overcoming abuse, physical and psychological healing. The event was a huge success and we look forward to the next one!ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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