Workshop 22 on personal statement for law school

Workshop 22 on personal statement for law school, January 29, 2014

The workshop was dedicated to one of the most important part of Law school application: the personal statement letter. Dr. Silverman presented a step by step guide to write a stellar personal statement. Next Mr. Stuart Floyd, International Regional Manager         
Bond International, from Toronto, Canada shared with the audience their excellent law school program. For more info visit or contact Mr Floyd in Toronto. We ended the workshop with a  presentation of Kaplan LSAT courses by Mr Robert Groves. In the end there were draws for LSAT Kaplan resources and a couple of lucky members in the audience had their statements reviewed. 

Workshop 21: increase your exam scores and mock interview for premed and CARMS residency match


On January 15, 2014 we had a workshop on increasing exam scores, learning about med school, hearing personal journeys to med school and a mock interview practice for premed students and residents. With CARMS interview upon season in full bloom we had many IMGs we coach joining us to practice their interview skills. Cut off scores for various exams for med school, dental school and residency matching increase every year. Are you prepared to meet this challenge? Tp address this question  we started the workshop with a special guest Don Fraser who presented a seminar on Double Your Memory in 60 Minutes: The 10 Steps to Motivation, Memory and Brain Power. Don Fraser also shared his journey to medical school and the Great Possibilities of Career Plan B. The seminar included also The 3 Key Factors of High-Performance Behavioral Change and the 8 Cornerstones of High-Performance Careers. We continued with an information session from University of Medicine and Health Sciences St Kitts,  one of the top off shore schools with a special presentation by Vice president Michelle Peres and Genevieve Gagne, Senior Associate Director, Canadian Admissions and Operations. Mrs Gagne has a wealth of experience as well in residency matching application as a former Faculty Relations Officer – Québec Relations Specialist at CaRMS. Dr. Robert Land shared his personal journey to med school with advice for premed and residents. As we prepare to end the CARMS interview season and start the med school and dental school preparation for Canada and are in full swing with US school interviews we had the last part of the workshop dedicated to interview practice. Everyone in the audience were invited to practice their interview skills alongside to those premed and residents we coach.  

Flowers for diseases Stroke awareness month January

Models of Human Diseases ( has initiated the Flowers for disease project with monthly awareness campaigns dedicated to a disease and a flower symbol! Each month pre-med or medical student team leaders of Models of Diseases create brochures and lead an awareness campaign for one disease. We started our 2014 awareness campaign in January with Stroke and the red Celosia argentea flower known for its “brain-like” structure. We dedicate this brochure to the memory of Drs. Silverman’s father, and accomplished Genetics Professor and scientist trained at Harvard who lost his fight to stroke in October 2012.

In December we increased awareness about AIDS with the red rose as symbol of love, hope and courage for person’s suffering from HIV/AIDS and for deafness with the elephant-ear flower, or Colocasia, named due to its unusually large leaves that are shaped like a large ear. In November we increased awareness about Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer, and Epilepsy. We acknowledged the support of Dr. Younes Leysi from BioImager for these campaigns.
For prostate cancer the Tiger Lilly was chosen as the symbol of power but also fragility. For Lung cancer, the Canadian cancer society that uses different colours of daffodils chose the white daffodil. The lavender flower, often a symbol of solitude is representative of the isolation many of those affected with epilepsy and seizure disorders often experience.
In October we had Breast cancer awareness campaign and the beautiful pink rose as a symbol of women beauty and hope after having the brain tumour and its hope flower-the almond blossoms. We ended the month of September with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and the lotus flower. Earlier in September we had Alzheimer’s awareness month with its delicate and fragile flower Forget-Me-Not. In August we acknowledge Skin cancer with sunflower as symbol. During the 2010 International Conference Models of Human Diseases we had ALS awareness and cornflower as symbol and we gave away seeds for participants to plant in their garden and take pictures. If you want to support our campaign forward the brochure to friends and family, take pictures of flowers and share them and the brochure with a few words about Models of Diseases Flower for Diseases project. Thank you! Thank you to our team leaders Asha Sardar (2 awareness campaigns), Nusrat Ali, Ji Dong (Karen) Bai, Robin Vigouroux, Maria Moreno, Theodora Yung, Julieta Lazarte, Basma Chamas, Usman Saeed, Mima Markicevic, Shailin Gosalia, Morrison Steel, and Thiviyanath Sellathurai who have contributed up to now to Flowers for Diseases project and have created the awareness brochures! If interested to join our project contact us at modelsofdiseases@gmail.comImageImage