Workshop for interview for med school and residency matching for IMGs

On November 6th, 2013 we had a workshop on interview for medical and dental school and residency matching for IMGs. Toronto Dr. Silverman presented a workshop on interview for medical school admission and residency. In the second part of the workshop pre-med students and IMGs were invited to practice their interview skills.
Mrs. Magda Sikorska Manager Centre for Medical Education in English and Dr. Jan Mazela Associate Dean for International Exchange Poznan University presented the Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, and Physiotherapy program at Poznan University, Poland. Kris Kratiuk, Head Director for Canadian Admissions Poznan University of Medical Sciences presented the University program and Kevin Kratiuk, Associate Director for Canadian Recruitment Poznan University presented his own experience as a Pharmacy program graduate from Poznan. Models of Human Diseases initiated a project Flowers for diseases to increase awareness for various diseases. In November we created brochures and awareness campaigns for Prostate cancer, Lung cancer, and Epilepsy. We acknowledge the support of BioImiger for these projects. Dr. Orit Zamir shared her journey to residency in psychiatry at University of Toronto.

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