Workshop 18 on scholarships for medical and dental school application






On October  23rd we had our 18th workshop on Medical and Dental School application. Dr. Silverman presented a workshop on “How to get scholarships that will turn your complaint application in an outstanding one”. Special invited speaker was Mrs Sandra Ngoh- Fonseka, Marketing Manager at Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board who presented a wonderful slideshow about Malaysia from natural treasures to culinary gems, from beautiful beaches to amazing cultural escapes Malaysia is sure to marvel all visitors. Of special interest for pre-med students was the health care system and medical tourism activities in Malaysia. For more info please visit

Brochures, pens, notepads and stress balls from University of Health Sciences Antigua were distributed to the audience. For more info please visit

In the last part of the workshop Joana Dida, team leader for Models of Human Diseases who was accepted this year in the MD/PhD program at University of Toronto shared her journey to medical school. Joana shared tips, advice and graciously answered so many questions students had!

For more information about our workshops see


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