Workshop on personal statement for law school


poster15Workshop 16 on Personal statement letter for law school application,September 25th, 2013

Mr. Clifford Falk partner from Falk&Falk and presented a workshop on personal statement letter and shared advice on law school application
Professor Paul Babie, vice-dean Adelaide Law School presented their excellent law program.
Mrs Tobe Pinder, a former student at Adelaide law school and present law professional in Toronto shared her journey to law school.Slide1




At the end students had the chance to ask questions in mini one on one sessions.

U of T Medical School open house club fair

med school open

September 21, 2013 Models of Human Diseases Participated in the U of T Medical School open house Club Fair.

Dr. Silverman and the Ryerson U Alumni representative discussed collaborations between the two groups. Models of Human diseases offers many pre-med projects as well as free monthly workshops on med school application.

MHD invited at U of Toronto, Medical School open house

University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine Open House, September 21st, 2013. Models of Human Diseases was invited to participate in the club fair. Drs Silverman and Joana Dida shared with the open house attendees our 40 projects for pre-medical students aimed at increasing their CV impact, our free monthly workshops on medical school application, our science engagement (Service learning and outreach course at U of  T) and our Models of Human Diseases club activities. Our team leader Joana Dida, who is now a medical student at University of Toronto, MD/PhD program was the team leader for this event. Joana shared her path to medical school with the pre-med students who came to the open house.